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Kim Kardashian is ready, you guys.

The queen of reality television has made history many times over the course of her career, but it seems there are still new trails left to blaze.

As you’ve likely heard by now, Kim has filed for divorce from Kanye West, and she’s preparing to embark on a new chapter in her life.

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Judging by her recent social media posts, Kim is feeling nothing but excitement for the future.

And based on the comments on those posts, it seems that her fans are equally psyched to see what’s in store for the mother of four.

Obviously, celebrity divorces are nothing new, but Mrs. Kardashian-West is soon to enter unprecedented territory.

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According to Forbes magazine’s latest assessment of her finances, Kim is now a billionaire.

Obviously, that’s quite an achievement, as there are only 614 billionaires in the United States.

That number is a record high, but it’s also an infintesimally small percentage of the US population.

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There are very, very few female billionaires, and even fewer of them are single moms.

And that means Kim might be entering the dating scene as America’s very first billionaire MILF.

Yes, Kylie Jenner is also a billioniare and a mom, but is she a MILF?

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According to most definitions of the word, a woman must be above a certain age in order to receive the MILF designation.

While the age of MILF-dom varies wildly depending on whom you ask, we think most people would agree that at 23, Kylizzle simply doesn’t qualify.

(Kylie’s billionaire status has also been called into question by Forbes and other outlets. While she’s undeniably very, very rich, she might not be a member of the 10-figure club.)

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However, at age 40, Kim is undeniably a MILF — in fact, she might be the MILF.

And with an estimated net worth that sky-rocketed from $780 million to $1 billion in the past two years, she might also be the first MILF of her kind.

Kim made a savvy move by selling 20 percent of her SKIMS shapewear line to Coty, the same brand that recently purchased half of Kylie’s cosmetics company.

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We don’t know much about Coty, but based on their portfolio, it seems they have a lot of faith in the future of the Kardashian clan.

They might be onto something, because fans are genuinely psyched about Kim re-entering the dating scene.

Many have already suggested that with Keeping Up With the Kardashians coming to an end, this would be the perfect time for Kim to launch a spin-off that focuses on her new start as a single lady.

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Sounds like a good idea, but at this point, reality TV might be too small-time for Kim.

Whatever the case, it seems she’s just as excited about the future as her biggest fans are.

Over the weekend, Kim posted an Instagram Story in which she can be seen spending some quality time with her kids while a Beyonce song plays in the background.

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"Me and my babies we gone be alright… we gone live a good life," Mrs. Carter sings.

Many took the post as a shot at Kanye, who’s feud with Bey and Jay-Z has been well-publicized.

But we prefer to see it as Kim’s way of confirming what so many have already predicted — when it comes to the life of Kim K., the best is yet to cpme