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Look out, folks.

Consider yourselves warned.

According to a new, surprising and unfortunate report… Jenelle Evans really might be headed back to the Teen Mom universe.

As you may have heard, the ex-reality star attended a party thrown this month by Briana DeJesus (in celebration of Briana defeating her nemesis, Kailyn Lowry, in court, after the latter filed a defamation lawsuit against the former).

Jenelle Evans and a Son

But what many of us are hearing about now for the first time?

Evans supposedly met with MTV executives while she was down in Florida, specifically lead producer Larry Musnik.

And the topic at hand?

"They are trying to give her her job back," a source claimed on Friday to The Sun.

Jenelle Evans For OnlyFans

Jenelle, of course, was fired back in May 2019 after her husband (David Eason, who was previously fired himself for making a number of homophobic remarks) shot and killed the family dog.

In response, Child Protective Services swooped in and took away Jenelle’s children for about a month.

“I was a little bit shocked but I saw it coming,” Evans told Us Weekly exclusively after the new broke, adding three years ago:

“It’s shocking still but I respect their decision and have nothing but love for MTV.”

In the very long time since, Evans has attemped to start a podcast and also tried to venture out into other business opportunities.

They’ve nearly all failed.

Very recently, the mother of three joined OnlyFans, where she alleges to be one of the platform’s top earners.

But still: Money is money and fame is fame and Evans could always use a little more of both.

Jenelle Evans Speaks to Fans

"If she films, her mom Barbara films too, and so do the kids — everyone gets their income back," the Sun source added of the former Teen Mom 2 star, referencing the parent with whom Jenelle has feuded for years.

There does appear to be a catch, however.

Yes, if this report is to be believed, Jenelle Evans may return one day soon to MTV. However…

"MTV refuses to deal with David in any way whatsoever." 

Jenelle and David at a Real Farm

We have no idea if this will happen, of course.

But there is some logic in the timing:

MTV plans to combine Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG next season, taking women from both franchies and putting them on the same program.

According to Kailyn Lowry, though, she will NOT be part of this crossover, perhaps opening up the door for a certain familiar (and polarizing!) face.

Jenelle and David in 2022

"Bringing back Jenelle could help the franchise, with Kail leaving, they need the drama," explained The Sun.

There’s been speculation for quite awhile that Jenelle could make a return to the show that made her infamous, with Evans fueling such talk during a recent TikTok video.

"Did they film me? Yes, I signed an agreement to film," she told fans of Briana’s party and the cameras that were present.

Jenelle even acknowledged that she spoke at least a little bit to producers who were on hand.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason Backstage

"We had a little bit of conversation when I arrived. [They asked] how am I doing lately and stuff like that," Evans teased this week.

"But other than that," she added.

"I just had fun."