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When 90 Day Fiance viewers last caught up with David and Annie Toborowsky, it was on their very own spinoff.

Months have passed since then.

Now, the fan-favorite couple — once infamous for their on-screen financial struggles — have achieved real success.

David and Annie have now purchased a gorgeous, and roomy, new home.

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In Touch Weekly has learned that David and Annie have magnificent new house in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

The deed is solely in Annie’s name.

The purchase price for the 2,219 square foot home was $550,000

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The house boasts four bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, and is a townhome.

The residence includes a two-car garage, a community pool, and in places has 20-foot-high ceilings.

Like many contemporary homes, it includes an open floor plan, meaning that many rooms blend into one another — for better or for worse.

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According to the report, the kitchen includes black granite countertops and an island.

The living room is painted a dazzling red and includes a fireplace, while the master bedroom includes a large closet and a jacuzzi bathtub.

The two-story townhome sounds like a wonderful residence.

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David and Annie actually decided to make Fountain Hills their home after falling in love with the community a couple of years ago.

The story begins with the horror of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As many of us can recall, Annie stepped up and sewed hundreds of face masks for frontline workers in 2020.

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David drove some masks to a pharmacist who had requested them.

Once in Fountain Hills to make his delivery, he fell in love with the local community.

David and Annie had previously lived in Scottsdale, but now they’ve found a charming new abode.

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Many fans who have followed the couple’s recent adventures have perked up at the fact that this home has four bedrooms.

Obviously, "bedroom" really just means a room that has a closet — any of these could be used as a guest room, as an office, as a craft room, or more.

But some have wondered if David and Annie expect to need room for more than just the two of them on a broader basis.

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On the couple’s recent spinoff, viewers saw the fan-favorites travel to Thailand.

There, the pair hoped to become guardians of Annie’s 14-year-old brother, Jordan, and of her 16-year-old cousin, Amber.

Unfortunately, the student visas were denied — but the Toborowskys vowed to keep trying.

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Annie is unsure if she wants to have any children of her own, beyond guardianship of existing relatives.

And David wisely had a vasectomy some time ago, which would need to be reversed in order for him to have biological children.

Maybe they just need guest rooms — certainly, this popular pair have had many fun hangouts with friends and other members of the franchise’s ever-growing cast.

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Regardless of their intentions for the house, it is a massive upgrade from the first impression that David and Annie made upon viewers in Season 5.

David had major financial struggles — especially after paying a hefty dowry to Annie’s parents.

At first, they had to live on the good graces of David’s friend.

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However, David and Annie made some of the best use of their 90 Day Fiance fame that we’ve ever seen from the franchise.

Capitalizing upon their likability and platform, the two turned a brief stint on reality television into a jumping off point for other projects.

From fashion importing to Annie’s cooking show, David and Annie are a 90 Day Fiance success story. We’re excited to see them show off their new home!