Shanna Moakler Offers Surprising Response to Kourtney Kardashian-Travis Barker Marriage News!

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As you've likely heard by now, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker got married in Vegas on Sunday night.

Okay, so technically it was Monday morning, but the couple had good reason for waiting until the wee hours to get hitched.

Travis and Kourtney attended the 2022 Grammy Awards together before sauntering over the nearest 24 hour chapel and exchanging vows in front of an Elvis impersonator/ordained minister.

In other words, it was an extremely rock-and-roll wedding, and Kourtney has come a very long way since her time with the much more buttoned-down and traditional Scott Disick.

Travis, Shanna, Kourtney

Speaking of exes who probably weren't thrilled by the news of the quickie wedding, Travis' second wife, Shanna Moakler, has been critical of his new relationship since day one.

Fans were understandably curious about how she would respond to the wedding news, and we think it's safe to say Shanna has surprised a lot of people.

"Congratulations to the happy couple," Moakler said in a statement issued to People magazine.

Shanna Moakler Poses on Instagram

"I wish them the best that life has to offer on their journey together."

Many commenters expressed shock at Moakler's healthy attitude toward Travis and Kourtney's marriage,

After all, this is the same woman who previously claimed that her marriage came to an end when she caught Travis cheating on her with Kim Kardashian.

Kourtney and Travis: MARRIED!

Shanna spoke out against the Kardashian clan every chance she got in the early days of Travis and Kourtney's relationship.

She even went so far as to accuse Kourtney of turning her children against her.

But interestingly, Shanna seems to have experienced a change of heart in recent weeks.

Shanna Moakler in 2019

Speaking to People last month, the mother of two was surprisingly warm in her comments about her ex,

"Travis and I haven't been together for almost a decade. We co-parent, we're friends," she said.

"Do I want him to be happy? Absolutely. I want him to be happy and if she makes him happy, I think that's awesome."

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker on Oscars Night

Asked for her thoughts about Kourtney, Shanna was equally effusive:

"As long as she's good to my children, this is the biggest point that I keep saying. And my kids like her," she said.

"That's all I care about. My kids are happy. They're happy. I have my own things going on and and and I think it's great. I wish them all the best."

Shanna Moakler Is Safe

We guess Shanna and Travis might be able to work out a civil co-parenting relationship after all!

Not much is known about Travis and Kourtney's wedding, but the owner of the chapel where they exchanged vows recently shared some details with People.

"There was a lot of that — kissing and hugging. They barely came up for air!" Marty Frierson said.

Kourtney & Travis are Married!

"They just seemed totally in love.They all had iPhones, taking pictures and videos from every angle," he continued. 

"I don't know if they were the friends or their social media team. They filmed everything from the time they walked in, to the time they walked out.

"The vows, the kiss, the rose bouquet toss, the dancing. I usually take pictures for the chapel but they wanted to handle it all themselves." 

Firerson noted that it was "very important to them" to have "the Vegas experience."

Kourtney Kardashian Dines Outdoors with Travis Barker

He added that the ceremony took only half an hour to complete.

"They had a good time," he added.

"They just romanced and got married. Elvis performed the ceremony. They showed a lot love and had a lot of fun."

Kourtney and Travis at SNL

And now, it sounds like Shanna is showing these two some love of her own!

Congrats to the happy couple, indeed!

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