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Though some of her longtime fans want to see Jana Duggar return to reality TV without her toxic parents, she has her own work.

We don’t just mean being Michelle and Jim Bob’s live-in servant and childcare provider … well, not only that.

Jana is following in her dad’s footsteps by buying and flipping real estate.

Her latest sale netted her a whopping six-figure profit.

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According to The Sun and numerous other reports, Jana Duggar has sold a piece of Arkansas real estate for $200,000.

She first purchased the Springdale property for $95,000 back in April of 2016 — six years ago.

In that time, the value has increased, explaining her $105,000 profit.

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In the long run, Jana may have spent a little more than the initial purchase.

Owning property for six years comes with expenses.

Of course, being a landlord can also bring in money, so her profits could actually be more than we realize.

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The property sold just last week to Mancia Properties, a real estate company.

The now $200k item is 1,612 square feet.

Before Jana made the purchase, it was a tattoo shop and a restaurant — presumably not at the same time.

The most recent renter was a company called "Lomok."

We don’t know what manner of business that is — it sounds like a C-list Marvel villain — but it’s possible that Jana made some money during that time.

If Lomok is a profitable tenant, that’s great news for Mancia Properties, because "Lomok" is reportedly still there.

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Just because Jana sold that property doesn’t mean that she’s out of the real estate game.

She already has a business, somewhat uncreatively named Arbor Acres (but hey, sometimes the simplest thing works), having filed for it in 2019.

It looks like it’s still a work in progress, but hey, there’s no rush on becoming a real estate mogul, right?

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Jim Bob has used his wealth to, well, increase his wealth for years.

He buys a piece of property, he sits on it for a while (not, uh, literally), and then he sells it for a profit.

If he flips the property, improving it in some meaningful or superficial ways with rennovations, he can make even more money.

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And every now and then, of course, Jim Bob uses one of those properties to keep his family close at hand — and under his thumb.

It is believed that Jim Bob uses money as well as years of cult brainwashing to control his adult children, even after they are married and therefore no longer "his."

It’s possible to be generous and manipulative at the same time, after all.

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This kind of real estate game — buying up properties to sell at a profit — is not accessible to everyone.

You need some sort of existing wealth to start off, from family money or from another job or from reality TV.

Now, Jana can follow in her father’s footsteps to make money, but will she ever be truly independent?

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In the Duggar world, and in the IBLP cult in general, Jana will never be a "real" adult until she is married to a husband who shares the cult’s values.

Even Jana’s adult brothers are not allowed to live on their own (unless they’re running for office), but women especially are monitored to ensure that they comply with cult rules.

It’s conceivable that Jana could one day be a millionaire and still living under her father’s roof.