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When Hannah Gosselin was a young teenager, she was finally old enough to choose which parent should have custody.

Hannah chose her dad. At the time, Kate Gosselin reportedly raged over her daughter’s autonomy. 

Now, this independent-minded sextuplet is weeks away from adulthood … but relationships with some of her siblings are strained.

She retains a close bond with her dad, though. Coming to live with him was a relief after years in Kate’s grasp.

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An inside source spoke to In Touch Weekly about where things stand between Hannah and Jon Gosselin.

According to the insider, they "are so close" as the high schooler prepares for adulthood and, not long after, college.

In contrast, the source characterized, Kate was "not an easy personality at all."

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But this report does more than just tell us what we already know about what Kate is really like or how lucky Hannah is that she was able to wriggle free of her.

Because, the insider makes clear, Jon is more than just the lesser of two evils.

"They are really good friends," the source says of the father and daughter.

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"They are hilarious with one another," the insider detailed.

“So basically, the best way to describe Hannah is she’s a completely free spirit," the source furnished.

This obviously brought her into conflict with her toxic nightmare of a mother.

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“And living in the house with Kate," the insider pointed out, was not a good fit for her.

The source explained how it was Kate "who had endless rules."

The insider listed that "there were cameras in the house, the kids had their cell phones controlled."

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"It was a very controlling situation," the source summarized.

"Hannah is going to be doing a lot of her own stuff," the insider noted.

It sounds like she is really looking forward to "turning 18 when she’s finally able to" to make fully independent, adult decisions.

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The problems with Kate’s style of parenting are obvious.

Even if we for some reason didn’t care about the allegations of abuse, a controlling environment is bad for developing minds.

In addition to the emotional toll, it can also make people struggle to make their own decisions as adults.

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That is, of course, to say nothing of the moral horror of raising children to be obedient, precisely molded prisoners instead of, you know, people.

Children are people, and it’s a parent’s job to nurture, protect, and guide them.

That everything about Kate broadcasts the idea that she cannot differentiate that from near-absolute control … well, it says a lot about her.

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Hannah got away. Collin got away. To say that either got away unscathed is probably naive at best.

It can take years of therapy to overcome the lingering effects of having a bad parent, and even Hannah and Collin may need to unlearn things if either of them ever want to have kids.

As for the six who remained loyal to Kate … well, it could take a lot more time and therapy to process what was behind that.

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Why did some kids remain with Kate? Why would some of Hannah’s own siblings have a strained relationship with her after she walked away?

It’s complicated, but there are a whole lot of survival mechanisms and other factors that sometimes make kids cling to the worst parent and reject the somewhat better one.

Maybe, in time, Hannah can reforge tattered bonds with her siblings, but not every broken family can be repaired.