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When the world first learned that Kim Kardashian was hooking up with Pete Davidson, it was widely assumed that the mother of four was looking for nothing more serious than a rebound fling.

Six months later, we can now safely say that that was not the case.

Despite Kanye’s best efforts to break them up, Pete and Kim are still very much a couple, and insiders say their relationship is progressing rapidly.

In fact, one source claims that Pete is on the verge of popping the question to Kim.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian on a Date
Photo via Instagram

But before these two lovebirds can race to the altar, they need clear one very significant hurdle:

Kim might have four kids of her own, but it seems that in many important ways she’s under the control of her own mother, Kris Jenner.

Kris is still Kim’s manager, after all, and apparently, in assessing Kim’s current relationship, Kris is careful to consider what marriage might mean for her career.

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"Pete wants to propose, but he’ll have to sign a contract. The way Kris sees it, Kim needs a partner who can work with the family and fit with their long-term goals," a source close to the situation tells Heat magazine.

"She wants Pete to agree to commit to the brand for the foreseeable future and give her total control over any decisions around marriage and children," the insider claims.

It might sound like Kris is being a bit too business-like about all of this, but apparently, she’s very much looking forward to welcoming a new son-in-law — as long as he’s good for the family brand, of course.

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"She knows Pete will make a great son-in-law while being an asset to the Kardashian franchise, so she’s already making arrangements for a proposal by early summer- possibly sooner," the source adds.

"Kim’s totally on board."

Oh, good! Kim’s on board too!

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson on Instagram
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That’s somewhat important, considering she’s the one who’s gonna be marrying the guy, and all.

We kid the Kards, but in all seriousness, it’s not hard to believe that Pete is planning to propose sometime in the near future.

Kim finalized her divorce from Kanye last month, and insiders say her eagerness to speed things along was prompted at least partially by her desire to take the next step with Pete.

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The source says that Kim sees "no reason to wait" and is looking forward to starting a family with Pete.

And how does her ex feel about all of this?

Well, Kanye has been stalking Kim and harassing Pete since the very beginning of this relationship, so we think it’s safe to say that he’s not thrilled.

Pete Davidson in Bed
Photo via twitter

We can’t help but wonder if Yeezy had to jump through the same hoops to gain Kris’ approval before he proposed to Kim.

Of course, Kanye is a billionaire these days, and he already had a well-established brand of his own before he and Kim got hitched.

As an SNL star with a few movies under his belt, Pete might not be quite as well off, but something tells us he and Kim aren’t exactly struggling, financially speaking.