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So much went down at a memorably messy 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Tell All.

Season 5 is over, and we know that at least some of these couples will return to the franchise.

But … some major questions are still unresolved.

Fans across social media are abuzz with queries, and we’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions … and may be able to help with answers.

BF90 S5 cast on the Tell All stage

Gino allegedly slid into Jessica’s DMs. Memphis straight up disappeared. 

Mahogany’s fake apartment wasn’t explained. Did Johnny follow through on his flight plans?

And why was the entire cast Team Mike when viewers are much more divided over him?

Gino Palazzolo says that he has decided against a prenup

During Part 1 of the Tell All, Shaun Robinson asked Gino if he had messaged anyone else from the cast.

She — and Jasmine — gave him every opportunity to confess, but when Gino is under pressure, he denies everything, no matter how transparent the lie.

Naturally, the Tell All shared DMs showing Gino messaging Ben’s friend, Jessica, who quickly shut down any possible flirtation.

DMs from Gino Palazzolo to Jessica

Though the DMs shown clearly imply that Gino is the one reaching out, Gino claimed at the Tell All that Jessica had reached out first.

That seems … unlikely, for a host of reasons.

Regardless, this led to open feuding between Jasmine and Jessica, with the former lashing out at the latter due to insecurities.

Jessica - it's painful to listen to

Gino claimed to have deleted his DMs and to therefore be unable to prove his ridiculous claim.

Jessica offered to show her DMs to the camera, but viewers didn’t see that.

Maybe she did, and the show aired their edited screenshot (above) instead of trying to make us read a screen-via-screen-via-screen set of DMs.

Hamza joins Memphis on the Tell All stage

Up next, what is going on with Memphis?

Memphis and Hamza were easily the best-looking couple at the Tell All, and the only ones who were physically on stage together.

They are married, have welcomed a child together, and seem to have everything going for them.

Memphis Smith isn't feeling well, has to leave Tell All

But during the Tell All, Memphis abruptly got up and left, explaining that she was sick.

Hamza remained behind at the request of production, but viewers didn’t hear from Memphis.

We all know that they likely filmed for another season already, so was this planned to avoid spoilers … or something else?

Rawia, Hamza’s sister (and a fan favorite), took to Instagram to share a number of things, vaguely implying that something is up with Memphis.

She also shared that she and her mother, Hayet, had been prepared to participate in the Tell All, only to not be called upon after Memphis left. What happened?

Maybe Memphis really was sick (that’s the most likely explanation). Or maybe there are things that no one is ready to discuss just yet.

Ben Rathbun tries to get into the car with Mahogany Roca anyway

There was so much that was covered about Ben and Mahogany.

We saw scenes from their season, we saw never-before-shown footage (and Mahogany feeling betrayed by it).

Viewers were even treated to Jessica, Ben’s friend, telling him exactly what she now thinks of him.

Jessica called Mahogany a "victim" and Jasmine said that Ben gave off a "pervert vibe."

But there are still questions about Mahogany … and that super fake looking apartment.

What was the deal with the most staged, transparently not-hers apartment that we’ve ever seen?

Mahogany Roca - do you want to our my home?

It really wasn’t addressed enough on the show, and even less so on the Tell All.

Now, maybe Ben and Mahogany did go into it but their answers didn’t fit on the Tell All.

Or maybe Ben’s interview answer, given earlier this year, was meant to be enough.

Ben Rathbun confronts Mahogany Roca over past deceptions

Earlier this year, as the season aired, Ben tried to justify the apartment.

He claimed that Mahogany really did live there for a while.

Maybe he was trying to cover for her. Maybe he’s even more gullible than viewers thought. It’s hard to say.

Ella Johnson and Johnny are still together (Tell All)

Ella and Johnny had an uncomfortable season, with a lot of tears and zero payoff — because they never got to meet up.

At the Tell All, Johnny promised that he was coming in February, and had already purchased his ticket.

The Tell All was filmed in January of this year, however, one month ahead of that trip.

Shaun Robinson asks if Ella had any other trysts

Ella and Johnny cannot see the future, and neither can Shaun Robinson, so none of them at the time knew where things are headed.

There have been no photos of the two together shared on Instagram.

That could be due to the NDA for Season 5 … or even beyond that.

Ella Johnson will return to the franchise on 90 Day Diaries.

Perhaps we will get to see her and Johnny meet up in person. Perhaps not.

We’d love to have seen her on another season of a more prominent spinoff, but maybe production wasn’t willing to take the chance that Johnny would back out again.

Mike Berk tears up on the Tell All stage

A lot of viewers are totally weirded out over how universally Team Mike the cast was.

Sure, earlier this season, it seemed like Ximena was just disgusted by him but not breaking things off because of the benefits of dating him.

But even those of us who didn’t see Mike’s disgusting racist social media history saw an ugly side of him on screen.

Mike Berk cusses out Ximena, her family

Mike swore at Ximena, insulting her and insulting her family.

He also strongly gave off the vibe that he felt that he could "buy" Ximena and her love, at one point even refusing to leave her home because he paid the rent.

No amount of money gives you ownership of a person, and a gift is just that — a gift, not a conditional tool to hold over someone’s head. Mike was being gross.

Mike Berk begs Ximena Cuellar to still give him another chance

It’s possible that Mike’s castmates had only seen certain sides of their conflicts, because this was filmed in January.

Clearly, they were given footage from later in the season to watch, but it must have been a highlight reel — not a dozen or so hours.

If that’s the case, then production picked those edits to share because they wanted the cast to be Team Mike, possibly to build up hype for his and Ximena’s next season.