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During the 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 5 Tell All Part 2, all eyes turned to Ella Johnson.

Ella’s castmates slammed her, taking a harsher view of her alleged "cheating" than Johnny himself did.

After the Tell All aired, Ella revealed that she had not really cheated, confirming what some fans had wondered.

She also announced that viewers of the franchise will see her and Johnny again.

Ella Johnson wraps up the Tell All special

Ella Johnson straight up did not have a great time at the Tell All special, though she did affirm that it was worth it.

Several castmates arrived ready to beef with her, accusing her of cheating on Johnny, her long-distance boyfriend.

This stemmed from Ella’s on-screen confession to Johnny during the season.

Ella Johnson reveals that she slept with a friend

After two years of constant delays and setbacks, Ella had told Johnny that further delays would mean something needing to change — an open relationship.

During a painful, tearful moment, Ella told Johnny that a friend had come over, and that the two had been intimate.

Johnny was hurt by this revelation, and some of her castmates called her out on the Tell All stage.

Ella Johnson and Johnny are still together (Tell All)

Ella and Johnny are still together, the couple reported at the Tell All.

She explained her hookup with the friend.

Not only was she uncertain that Johnny would ever actually come see her, but her love language is touch, and she needed physical affection.

Memphis Smith suggests maybe they shouldn't be together

Of course, Ella was in a room full of people who had been in long-distance relationships, some of whom still were (albeit, they had all met at least once).

Memphis suggested that perhaps Ella should not be in a long-distance relationship.

Sometimes, LDRs lead to extended periods without contact. People should be prepared for that going in.

Ella Johnson f--king owned it

Ella pointed out that she had owned up to her mistake.

She hadn’t tried to hide it from Johnny, and had tearfully confessed it to him over video chat, knowing that she was risking the relationship.

But Kimberly, who had come to the Tell All eager to call out Ella, did just that.

Kimberly Menzies says no one should cheat in LDRs specifically

Declaring that she had no respect for Ella after the incident, Kimberly said that there’s no place for cheating in long-distance relationships.

(Weird that she specified "long distance" … are there relationships where cheating is more appropriate than others? Maybe?)

Ella, who notably had a bone to pick primarily with other women on the cast (and Ben only after he insulted her), said that her heart broke for Johnny.

Johnny wishes he hadn't heard about any of this

Johnny expressed how he wished that he had never heard this news.

He did affirm at the Tell All that this doesn’t mean that he wanted Ella to lie to him, either.

But yes, he was hurt.

Jasmine Pineda - I use dildos, you know?

Jasmine possibly missed what Ella meant when she described her love language being "touch."

Jasmine recommended "sexy time," touching herself, or the use of sex toys (advice that Usman echoed).

A colorful, entertaining moment … but needing an orgasm and needing physical affection are not always the same thing.

Jasmine Pineda - was it just a way to put some pressure on him?

Jasmine also asked a question that had been brought up by some fans.

Had Ella cheated … or had she told Johnny that she had cheated in order to make him jealous and encourage him to stop delaying his trip?

As much as Ella might have liked to take back the hookup, she had really slept with her friend.

Shaun Robinson asks if Ella had any other trysts

Shaun spoke to Johnny, who confirmed that he was coming in "one month" — in February — and had bought the ticket.

This set the timeline for the Tell All being filmed in January.

Shaun then asked Ella if there had been any other indescretions since her hookup with her friend. Ella said no.

Ella Johnson explains platonic birthday sleepover

As it turned out, Ella might have been alone on her birthday had a friend not come to see her.

This friend, whom she had met on a dating site some time in the past, actually took a flight to visit her.

What’s more is that he stayed the night — in the guest bedroom.

Platonic houseguests are an extremely normal thing for most Americans, particularly those who are younger.

Someone flying in to town for one night, after meeting up on a dating site … is a little odd, and Johnny echoed that sentiment.

However, whatever the friend’s intentions, Ella explained that nothing untoward had happened.

Ella Johnson reassured by Johnny - I do not blame you

Ella called up Johnny to ask how things were.

He affirmed that he did not blame her for how uncomfortable the Tell All was.

They are still together, and despite her struggles on stage, Ella shared at the end that she did not regret filming her season.

Ella Johnson is having a hard time

After Part 2 of the Tell All ended, Ella took to Instagram to speak up.

"I was a little disappointed in the tell all cast," she admitted.

"But," Ella pointed out, "I respected everyone and did not lash out."

"However, I was attacked and unable to state that Johnny and I were in an open relationship," Ella revealed.

She continued: "Second off we had never even meet so you can be upset and think I cheated. I don’t believe I did and neither did he."

"Another tid bit the only person’s opinion that matters to me is Johnny," Ella concluded. "If you want to follow us our journey will continue on 90 Day Diaries. Feel free to tune in."