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For the final episodes of Season 5 and for the 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Tell All special, one couple was conspicuously absent.

Caleb Greenwood and Alina Kasha received a limited run this season before being edited out following Alina’s scandal.

Some viewers didn’t quite get the memo, and had expected to see them appear on the Tell All.

On Instagram, Caleb is addressing their conspicuous absence.

Caleb Greenwood and Alina Kasha with Elijah

"As everyone has noticed and was announced on the episode, I’m not at the Tell All," Caleb wrote.

"I wish my fellow 90 Day cast mates the best," he expressed.

Caleb then encouraged his followers: "Stay tuned next week for part 2 as all the couple’s relationship statuses unfold."

In a previous Instagram post, Caleb also touched upon the subject of his and Alina’s removal from the show.

"We only took a few photos in Turkey as a group and this is one of my favorites," he wrote beside a photo of the couple with Alina’s friend, Elijah.

"A lot of people send me messages," Caleb acknowledged, "that they are surprised that our story wrapped the way it did and wasn’t longer."

Caleb Greenwood Comes Clean to Alina Kasha

Caleb acknowledged: "But some things are beyond my control."

"Despite the ups and downs," he reflected, "the trip really was a good experience that carries fond memories."

Caleb concluded: "And yes, some of them even include Fabulous Elija despite all his dramatic antics."

Elijah and Caleb Greenwood end things on a good place

Caleb’s bromance with Elijah was really interesting — they are two men who really care about Alina but have very little else in common.

Elijah was something of a fan favorite despite his limited run on the show.

It might have been interesting to see more of how Caleb and Alina got along after Elijah went home, but we didn’t see much.

Elijah departs - don't be a dick, Caleb

Caleb and Alina had a lot of interesting potential of their own.

Alina is a ltitle person, navigating life with a very visible physical disability.

Even if Caleb weren’t a very active and fit guy, that could pose unique relationship challenges.

Alina Kasha has dinner with Caleb Greenwood and her friend Maria

Unfortunately, we did not get to see their full story play out.

While Alina and Caleb’s on-screen story was interesting and engaging and even relatable, her social media history caught up to her.

Multiple posts, made across different years, using the N-word, were impossible to ignore or excuse.

Alina did post an apology, but her initial denials and excuses did not work in her favor.

Fans struggled to understand how someone who had studied in the United States, even for a matter of months, could be confused about such a slur.

(Some adult Americans also claim "confusion" over the world’s worst slur, but that’s neither here nor there)

So no, Alina and Caleb were not on the Tell All.

Other stars have been disinvited in the past, following scandals, arrests, and worse.

With Alina and Caleb, the show took the unprecedented step of editing out their story from the rest of the season.

BF90 S5 cast on the Tell All stage

It’s clear that Alina is remorseful and in many ways a good person, but that doesn’t mean that an apology is enough following racist slurs.

(And frankly, as a white person, it wouldn’t be my place to say if it were)

But one thing isn’t adding up … because look who did make it to the Tell All.

Mike Berk confirms he's back with Ximena at the Tell All

Mike Berk and Ximena Cuellar were on the Tell All, even after Mike — an American with no "I’m Russian" excuse — had his own scandal.

We know that a lot of older social media comes from a time when "shock" humor was popular, but it’s hard to see that applying here.

If Mike’s history of racist and bigoted posts were supposed to be jokes … what exactly is the punchline?

That’s not a joke, that’s just repeating white supremacist talking points and using a racial slur in the process.

So why is Mike still on the show — and likely returning for another season — while Alina (and by extension, Caleb and Elijah) is just a memory?

Well, that’s because Alina wasn’t actually fired for racism.

Photo via YouTube

Alina was fired because of massive backlash from fans that (understandably) was not countered by any defenders.

Calls to fire verbal abusers like Angela Deem or accused predators like Big Ed are often countered by fans — we can’t explain it, but some people actually like them.

The calls to fire Alina were vocal, aggressive, and she lacked the polarizing factor of having outspoken fans speak up for her.

Mike Berk cusses out Ximena, her family

We’re not saying that Alina should still be on the show or that people should have spoken up to defend her, but … what is Mike still doing there?

The truth is that, though his scandal is almost certainly worse in terms of what he did, the outcry has been far less.

Maybe it’s because it’s later in the season. Or maybe some of the (otherwise justified) outcry against Alina was rooted in people who just didn’t like her.