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These days, Kevin Federline is mostly keeping out of the limelight just like he is mostly out of Britney Spears’ life.

He congratulated Britney on her pregnancy, but aside from their teen sons and accompanying support payments, they have their own lives.

This was not always the case. Britney and Kevin were married during much more tumultuous times.

Britney revealed that Kevin essentially ghosted her during their marriage, even refusing to even see her while she was pregnant.

Britney and Kevin

For nearly 14 years, Britney Spears’ entire life was under the legal control of others — most infamously, her father.

Now, that time is passed, and Britney is just months into living a free adult life for the first time since the aughts.

She is happily engaged, she is pregnant with Sam Asghari’s baby, and no one can stop her from speaking her mind on social media.

Britney Spears in April 2022

One of the results of this newfound freedom is that Britney sometimes drops bombshells fairly casually.

That’s how her pregnancy announcement came to be — shared as if it were a minor anecdote about a recent conversation.

Britney has opened up about other serious topics in a cavalier manner, as well, as she shares her memories of the past.

Britney Is on Vacation

“I was mean as hell… it was beyond me…" Britney recalled of her first pregnancies in a recent Instagram post.

"I think the thing that made people so uncomfortable was the fact I was unbelievably SILENT,” she commented.

“But geez," Britney lamented, "my ex-husband wouldn’t see me."

Britney got specific, accusing Kevin of not seeing her "when I flew to New York with a baby inside me."

"And," she added, "Las Vegas when he was shooting a video!!!”

Britney wrote that she simply "played it off" by eating pickles and chewing on ice.

“As the ice hit my tongue," Britney described, "I got a text saying ‘If you don’t divorce Kevin he will publicly do it to you.’"

"Since I hadn’t seen him in a while," she acknowledged, "I already knew it was over…”

Many relationships end with ghosting, but very few of those are marriages involving young children.

“I had my baby and went out literally 2 times with Paris," Britney noted.

"And it was all over the news like I was a party girl," she said accurately of the media coverage at the time.

Britney concluded: “Whatever, it’s over now and I’ve made peace with it.”

Britney Without a Top

Not to be a Kevin Federline apologist (genuinely, I’m not), but it’s possible that there were other forces at work here.

We all understand the levels of control that were exerted even before Britney’s conservatorship.

Family and even supposed professionals seemed to prioritize their idea of what her image should be over what she, an actual human being, wanted.

Britney in Vegas

It’s possible that other people were interfering in her relationship with Kevin.

That said, the marriage ending was likely for the best. Certainly, Britney has majorly upgraded with Sam Asghari.

And Kevin’s divorce from her also gave him standing to help her insulate their sons from her toxic dad. As she says, it’s over now.