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Ashley Marti is best known for her role as a stewardess on Below Deck.

Now, however, the reality star is prepared to take curious and/or horny fans below her very personal hood.

By which we mean the following:

Ashley Marti has joined OnlyFans!

Ashley Marti Picture

The Bravo personality announced toward the end of March that she was opening an account on the social media platform, which asks subscribers to pay participants a fee in exchange for access to photos and videos.

These photos and videos are often risque in nature.

Ashley’s ID on the site is @eatin_ash — which one could interpret in certain X-rated fashion — and her profile reads as follows:

What you’ve all been waiting for… Subscribe for exclusive content, don’t miss out. Messages with tips will get responses.

Check out my amazon wishlist and let me know if there’s any themed content you want to see, I’ll add to my wishlist for you and use whatever you purchase in my videos/pics.

Marti’s Amazon wishlist features an impressive array of items — including shoes, underwear, sex toys, a Supergirl costume and even a washing machine.

Her past, meanwhile, appears to feature at least one previous instance of Marti having cam girl experience.

A recent subreddit dedicated to posting photos and videos of the women on Below Deck Sailing Yacht uncovered the profile jackie_xoxo1.

As you can tell by the photo immediately above, this profile was almost definitely opened by Ashley.

“I am, like, the perfect woman, but boys are dumb,” Marti says in a video on this user’s profile.

So, yes, it’s very safe to assume that Marti made money about two years ago via the adult webcam business, but we’re not here to judge.

She also worked in the longer ago past as a cocktail server in many establishments that asked their servers to strongly appear to male patrons… if you know what we mean.

Here’s a photo, for instance, of Marti pouring some Grey Goose at Shrine Nightclub in Mashantucket, Connecticut:

As for the job that takes her out to sea on the small screen?

Let’s take a look at Marti’s Below Deck bio, shall we?

Hailing from New York, stewardess Ashley Marti made her way to sunny South Florida for a life by the shore.

During the pandemic, Ashley decided to pursue a career in yachting and has never looked back.

Since then, she’s made her way through the East Coast of the United States and The Bahamas and is looking forward to future experiences aboard Parsifal III.