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Amy Slaton is more than halfway there, folks.

And she simply could not be more excited.

The 1000-lb Sisters star has continually kept her fans and followers apprised of her status amid her second pregnancy, this latest time around telling all interested parties that she’s 27 weeks along.

Put simply?

Amy Slaton Pregnant Photo

"27 weeks baby!!!" wrote Amy as a caption to the following meme on Monday.

As you can see, the graphic — which is taken from a popular app — depicuts a baby’s progress at the nearly seven-month mark, revealing the human-to-be is now approximately 14 and a half inches in height and weighs two pounds.

The reality star added an explanation about her impending son’s development.

"Your baby’s eyelids, which have been fused shut, can now open and close, and she may blink in response to light," Slaton explained via the same website.

"If you shine a flashlight at your tummy, you may feel her respond with a burst of flutters and wiggles."

"Chalk up any tiny rhythmic movements you may be feeling to a case of baby hiccups, which may be common from now on."

How very cool, right?!?

Photo via Instagram

Amy previously shed 136 pounds in order to be healthy enough to carry a child to term.

She’s already the mother to a son named Gage and Amy has said she’s doing her best to remain healthy amid this second pregnancy.

But it’s been challenging.

And she hasn’t always been successful.

Amy Slaton Poster

For example, Slaton admits she’s still smoking while pregnant.

"I’m not drinking alcohol. I used to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, like 20, now I’m down to about five a day. I’m trying to cut down," Amy told The Sun this spring, adding at the time:

"I feel like I’m actually losing weight with this baby because I’m eating right…

"[Gage] eats healthy so I eat healthily. But I do have sugar here just in case my sugar gets low, because with this baby my sugar drops into the 40s, with Gage it was always high."

Amy Slaton and Son Gage

While her sibling battles her ballooning weight these days in rehab (good luck, Tammy!), Amy remains happily at home with husband Michael Halterman.

In February, she talked about her future on TLC, openly wondering whether or not she’s open to a fourth season of 1000-lb Sisters.

"At first, it was easy," Amy explained to The Sun about shooting the show. "But now that I have Gage it’s like, he doesn’t want me out of his sight.

"I feel like I’m being a bad mom when I’m at work. He’s always at granny’s when we’re filming and stuff. I feel like I’m losing valuable time."

1000-Lb Sisters Photo

In a recent comment on TikTok, though, Tammy Slaton strongly hinted that another season is on the way.

And Amy sounds okay with that… under certain conditions.

"If they cut me down, and make it more about [sister] Tammy and [brother] Chris, I’ll be fine," she said two months ago of her situation tus and what would help her return next year.

"Give me two days a week.

"It’s just a lot at the minute with Gage and being pregnant, I get tired now."