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These are tense, divisive times in American politics, and there’s much not that everyone can agree on:

But hopefully everyone concurs that this probably isn’t the best time for Rudy Giuliani to be showing his goofy side on TV’s most ridiculous singing competition.

Back in February, word got out that Giuliani had been revealed as one of the costumed competitors on Fox’s The Masked Singer.

That episode finally aired Wednesday night, and fans got to see how the show’s judges reacted to this unexpected cameo from Donald Trump’s right hand man.

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Giuliani crooned "Bad to the Bone" before being unmasked, and many found the whole scene to be a little distasteful.

Perhaps that’s not surprising, as the segment was taped just a few months after Giuliani was suspended from practicing law in New York State as a result of his "demonstrably false" statements regarding the 2020 presidential election.

Currently, Giuliani is under federal investigation in connection with allegations that he pressured top Ukrainian officials to investigate baseless allegations about Joe Biden.

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Now, the costumers at The Masked Singer might have slipped in some subtle commentary on Giuliani’s character by dressing him as the Jack in the Box character (a court jester "imprisoned" in a box), but the smartest move would’ve probably been to not allow this particular clown on stage.

"This is definitely something I never would have guessed," said a stunned Robin Thicke when Giuliani was unmasked.

"With all of the controversy that’s surrounding you right now, I think it surprises us all that you’re here on The Masked Singer," host Nick Cannon suggested to America’s Mayor.

But the harshest reaction came from actor, comedian, and doctor Ken Jeong, who muttered, "I’m done" before storming off the set.

Perhaps attempting to win over the crowd and viewers at home, Giuliani explained that he decided to appear on the show in order to send a message to his granddaughter:

"I want her to know that you should try everything, even things that are completely unlike you and unlikely," the former New York City mayor said.

Rudy Giuliani

Judging by the reaction on social media, Giuliani’s efforts to run damage control were unsuccessful.

On Twitter, viewers blasted not only the controversial political figure, but also judges Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger, who cheered and danced as Giuliani crooned his swan song.

"Thank you @kenjeong for staying true to yourself- especially as a doctor who watched millions die with the help of this enabler," one person tweeted.

"Seeing Jenny McCarthy and Nicole dancing and laughing was upsetting to say the least. The guy should be in jail, not a tv show

"Jenny McCarthy, founder of the modern anti-vaxx movement, swaying around like a deranged fool while Rudy Giuliani sings in a jester’s costume as he stands in a box should just be the flag now," tweeted TV writer Wendy Molyneux 

"Why am I not surprised that Ken Jeong, an actual doctor who went to Duke for undergrad and UNC Med who tries to push back on medical misinformation, walked off while Jenny McCarthy, who is responsible for spreading mountains of vaccine bullsh-t, is totally ok with this" journalist Eric Michael Garcia journalist.

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Many compared the situation to the controversy that took place in 2019 when former White House press secretary Sean Spicer was cast on Dancing With the Stars.

Host Tom Bergeron criticized the casting and was fired shortly thereafter.

It’s unclear if Jeong will face similar disciplinary action, but we doubt that the possibility of being fired from The Masked Singer is keeping Dr. Jeong up at night.