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On the Season 9 premiere of 90 Day Fiance, viewers were introduced to Bilal and Shaeena.

These two are already making an impression, and not only because they are already religiously married ahead of their K-1 visa and lawful wedding.

Bilal set up an elaborate deception to test Shaeena. And as we know, there will be more trials to come this season.

After all of that, plus obvious questions about their compatibility, are Bilal and Shaeena still together?

Bilal Hazziez is a very successful man, and he lives his life accordingly — he has a very nice home and a nice car.

He did not grow up that way, but affirmed in the premiere that he has never forgotten his roots and how they shaped him.

Additionally, Bilal cited his faith as a Muslim for helping form the core of his values and sense of purpose.

Bilal Hazziez has two teenage children

Bilal has two teenage children.

Though he remains very close with his ex-wife, Shahidah (arguably even closer than when they were married), he is divorced.

It took years before he was willing to open up and find a new partner. When he did, he found Shaeeda.

Bilal Hazziez recalls meeting Shaeeda Sween

It took some time before Bilal was ready to respond to Shaeeda Sween’s messages, he explained.

Why? Because her name was so, so similar to that of his ex-wife.

Eventually, they began talking, sparks flew, and then he flew down to meet her.

Bilal Hazziez proposed to Shaeeda Sween after only 7 days

On the seventh day of Bilal’s first trip to Trinidad and Tobago to meet her, he proposed.

He had brought the ring just in case it came up, and it came up. She said yes.

Additionally, they took things a step further, having a Nikah — a religious wedding ceremony without the legal binding.

Bilal Hazziez explains that he had a Nikah

Bilal explained that, due to the restrictions within their faith, he and Shaeeda needed this spiritual union in order to be together.

He told his ex-wife this when she stopped by.

She had some questions and concerns, both as his friend and as the mother of his children.

Shahidah asks if Bilal Hazziez is sure of the intentions

Was it possible, she politely asked, that Shaeeda was dazzled by Bilal’s lifestyle?

Bilal has a nice home and drives a Mercedes, and that can attract a lot of potential partners.

But he explained why he is so, so confident that this is not the case.

Bilal Hazziez reveals that he has hidden his wealth

Bilal explained that he had actively obscured his lifestyle from Shaeeda.

She has never seen his house, his bank accounts, or his car.

When they video chat, Bilal detailed, Shaeeda sees only a plain white wall behind him — despite her having asked for more.

Shaeeda Sween - I'm just busy packing some stuff

Shaeeda herself was excited to make the trip to see Bilal again.

Earlier, he had worried that she had no children, wondering if she was prepared to marry a father of two teens.

The opposite ended up being true — Shaeeda wants to have a baby, and Bilal isn’t sure if he’s ready to have a new child.

Shaeeda Sween - I hope your kids will be able to adjust

But there was a lot that Bilal was not telling Shaeeda.

Yes, he has a whole exciting life set up for the two of them to lead together.

But he’s planning to have a prenup. And he’s planning something more.

Bilal Hazziez spells Shaeeda with rose petals

Bilal and his sister, Nefertari, went on a trip in a worn looking work van.

He revealed his plan to deceive Shaeeda into believing that this is his primary vehicle.

What’s more, he also plans to mislead her about the house for the first day and the first night.

As a test of whether she "really" loves him, Bilal wanted Shaeeda to spend the night in his childhood home.

The house has visible flaws on its exterior, and contrasts sharply with Bilal’s actual lifestyle.

He thinks that Shaeeda’s reaction will tell him if she’s right for him, but many people — once told that they were being tested — would pack their bags and leave.

Bilal Hazziez plans to use childhood home as a trick

We all know that there is more to come, including Bilal proposing the prenup to Shaeeda.

As we have seen with past couples, prenups are relatively common among Americans, especially among younger Americans, but sometimes unheard of in other cultures.

This and other inevitable culture clashes could drive Bilal and Shaeeda apart, whether they legally marry at the end of 90 days or not.

Shaeeda resents Bilal's prenup (90 Day Fiance S09)

There’s no "smoking gun" so far regarding Bilal and Shaeeda’s relationship status, but the pair do follow each other.

They still like each other’s posts, and Shaeeda’s Instagram profile features an American flag emoji in her bio.

Also, Shaeeda’s yoga posts on social media seem to show her in or around Kansas City — making this either a deception as thorough as Bilal’s, or a strong hint that they are still together.