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These days, the relationship status between Russ and Paola Mayfield sounds pretty iffy.

But 90 Day Fiance viewers remember that there was a time when the only apparent obstacle to their marriage was Pao’s career.

Paola is a model. Russ had a lot of hang-ups about it.

One of the key figures in their story was nearly the victim of a homicide, and her ex-boyfriend has been arrested for attempted murder.

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In 2016, Caroline Schwitzky appeared on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

She was not part of the main cast, but appeared as part of Russ and Paola Mayfield’s storyline.

Caroline is the CEO of a Miami talent agency, and it was partially through her encouragement that Pao moved to Miami for work.

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TMZ reports that officers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission say that Cole Goldberg attempted to murder Caroline Schwitzky on Sunday, April 24.

Cole was Caroline’s boyfriend of one year.

Eyewitnesses in West Palm Beach described the two getting into a heated argument while on a boat.

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According to the report by law enforcement, witnesses saw Caroline try to get away from Cole.

Unfortunately, he allegedly held her despite her struggles, even aggressively grabbing her in order to keep her from leaving the boat.

Eyewitnesses saw this go on for about twenty minutes, the report says, with Caroline eventually breaking free only after punching Cole’s arms to loosen his grasp.

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Breaking free from Cole’s immediate hold was apparently not enough.

Seemingly in terror, Caroline fled from the boat, jumping into the water to swim for a nearby boat.

Reportedly, Cole jumped into the water in pursuit, eventually catching up to her in the water.

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This is where the report becomes even more upsetting.

Eyewitnesses told investigators that they saw Cole try to push Caroline under the water.

They described Cole grabbing Caroline by the throat with both hands, seemingly trying to strangle her while holding her beneath the water.

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Naturally, those of us reading this report wondered what onlookers were doing, but the report covers that, too.

Witnesses told authorities that they screamed at Cole to stop, but that he refused to listen and continued to attempt to drown and strangle Caroline.

Several people from a nearby boat jumped into the water to rescue her.

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The rescuers were able to pull Caroline away from Cole.

The report says that they then had to fend him off with a stick.

Had it not been for those nearby in other boats leaping to action, this horror could have ended even worse.

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Instead, officers arrested Cole for attempted first-degree murder.

He is also facing a battery charge, and investigators noted that there was bruising on Caroline’s arms.

23-year-old Cole was booked and processed in the wee hours of Monday morning, released just hours later after posting a $60,000 bond.

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We hope that Caroline is safe and recovering.

Physical injuries take time to heal. Trauma can take a years, decades, or a lifetime.

Whatever 90 Day Fiance viewers may have thought of her half a dozen years ago is moot — no one deserves this nightmare.