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For several years now, Teen Mom OG fans have been watching and rooting for Tyler Baltierra’s troubled father, Butch.

After struggling with addiction for most of his adult life Butch got sober in 2019.

Unfortunately, he relapsed just a few months later, and now, it seems that Tyler is barely on speaking terms with his father.

These days, we don’t get updates on Butch very often, and sadly, the latest word from Tyler is not very encouraging.

Butch and Tyler

The younger Baltierra appeared on Kailyn Lowry’s new "Barely Famous" podcast this week, where he revealed that he hasn’t spoken to his father in months and is not optimistic about Butch’s future.

"I talked to him like a month ago," Tyler said of his father.

"He is in Texas, with some crazy chick that he’s dating…when he’s using he’s in this different character mode that I can only deal with so much," he continued.

Catelynn and Tyler's Babymoon Fail

"I think he is [using drugs], based on my knowledge of him and everything, yeah for sure."

Tyler went on to say that his father is not currently employed, but he appears to have access to limitless funds due to his new relationship.

"He’s with this chick who has got lots of money, so he’s kind of got this endless enabler, really. They’re in a toxic-they ain’t in a good situation," Tyler said.

Butch Baltierra

He added that he’s come to accept his father for what he is, and while he fears for the man’s health and safety, he also feels that he would not be able to help him by intervening.

"I’ve gotten to a point where I’ve just accepted him. He’s an addict. Relapse is part of it," Tyler said.

This is not the first time that Tyler has broken the bad news about one of Butch’s relapses while being interviewed by Kail.

Tyler With Carly

During a previous appearance on Lowry’s "Coffee Convos" podcast, Tyler revealed that his dad was "in the middle of a relapse." 

"That’s the reality of that situation right now," Tyler said at the time.

"We go back to square one, do this relapse thing and kind of ride this train out and see what happens." 

Catelynn and Tyler on Their Anniversary

In March of 2020, Butch was arrested for DUI in his home state of Michigan.

He refused a breathalyzer but officers obtained a warrant for the seizure of his blood.

Butch tested positive for THC, amphetamine and desmethyldiazepam.

He later moved to Texas with the goal of entering a rehab facility, but it seems that it wasn’t long before Butch took up with his current romantic partner and fell off the wagon.

A few weeks after Butch’s arrest, Tyler’s wife, Catelynn Lowell, indicated on social media that her father-in-law had relapsed and disappeared.

While Tyler and Catelynn obviously located Butch eventually, it’s clear that the news they received was far from encouraging.

Catelynn and Tyler welcomed their fourth child last year, and the couple clearly has a lot on their plate these days.

It seems that Tyler has come to accept that his kids will grow up never knowing their Grandpa Butch.

But that acceptance doesn’t make the situation any less sad.