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For years, 90 Day Fiance viewers have struggled to like Tom Brooks.

It’s not just that he was dating Darcey Silva, though her taste in men does seem to make that a red flag in and of itself.

Even now, years after his split with Darcey, Tom has many critics … but still, a lot of people follow his life.

Tom and Mariah are still going strong … and they’re either engaged, or want everyone to think that they are.

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Tom Brooks entered the world of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days as Darcey Silva’s second fiancee on the show.

Darcey was still looking for love in all of the wrong places (and also Europe), and TLC was still looking for must-watch drama.

Though Mariah Fineman was not Tom’s rebound after Darcey, he has now been dating her for years.

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For months, now, Tom has been teasing an engagement to Mariah.

Rumors followed them as far back as early 2021, by which point they had already been dating for many months

In January of 2022, however, Tom really set off engagement rumors in the most heavy-handed way possible.

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"[Mariah], so many people keep asking if we are going to get married …" Tom wrote on Instagram.

"I’ve had the ring a while," he admitted, alongside a goofy video that prominently featured a ring.

"#vintage #tiffany," Tom tagged his caption … without actually announcing anything.

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Then, in February, Tom stepped things up a notch.

He bragged about "winning" in the caption of a photo of himself with Mariah.

This pic stood out because Mariah was displaying a diamond ring in a wildly unsubtle manner.

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All of this looks exactly like an engagement.

However, with no official confirmation beyond a "watch this space" about them getting married, and we can’t really confirm it.

They are living together, following Tom’s relocation to Las Vegas to be closer to her.

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As longtime fans may recall, Tom and Mariah had to maintain a long-distance relationship during the summer of 2020.

At that time, free travel between the United States and the United Kingdom was restricted, given the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not everyone has been keeping up with them … but a lot of people are playing catch-up right now, with good reason.

Tom Brooks is Back!

The pair are about to make their debut on the 90 Day Fiance franchise.

Don’t worry; they won’t be one of the 90 Day Fiance Season 9 couples, even though Mariah is American and Tom is British.

Instead, they will appear on 90 Day Diaries, one of the show’s countless spinoffs.

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This Discovery Plus spinoff will essentially just allow viewers to catch up with Tom and what he is up to.

That will include Mariah, of course.

Tom and Mariah hopefully do not have enough drama and interpersonal problems to warrant an entire season, but a little refresher with fans should be nice to see.

Tom Brooks Projects Sincerity

It is possible that Tom and Mariah have been playing coy about their status with this in mind.

Either out of self-interest or due to an NDA, they might want to avoid confirming anything until it all airs on Discovery Plus.

An announcement on-screen could lead to more viewers, which helps the show, but also could help Tom and Mariah return for more content.