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90 Day Fiance fans are all too familiar with how Tom Brooks treated Darcey Silva.

He strung her along to stay on TV. He could never give her what she wanted.

They’re long over now, and Tom has moved on with an apparent Darcey lookalike.

But now Tom is being called out for something new: being a complete fraud.

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Tom Brooks and his girlfriend, Mariah, seem to be living it up these days.

Tom took to his Instagram Stories to show off interior photos from a mansion.

The specious residence is located somewhere in England.

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Tom provided some context in his Stories.

"Just moved in," he wrote.

"Will be our second home," Tom shared, "for the summers."

Tom Brooks is Back!

Wow, it certainly sounds like he is doing well for himself.

Tom has given himself some cosmetic upgrades — including veneers and weight loss.

But who knew that Cameo was paying him so well that he could afford a luxurious new home?

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If you’re looking at that and noting that a mansion is far beyond the price of any cosmetics, you’re right.

Many fans were instantly suspicious of Tom’s claim.

And when enough fans are curious about the truth, some will become cyber-sleuths.

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Fans looked into the mansion in question.

It is reportedly listed for sale … and does not seem to have been purchased yet.

Also, all of the furniture and artwork shown in Tom’s Stories were the same as in the initial listing.

Tom Brooks Projects Sincerity

Anyone can go into a home that is open for tours for prospective buyers and snap photos.

It’s not unusual for everyday, non-famous people to fake owning expensive things in messages seen by only their friends, as a lark.

But like it or not, Tom is a public figure, and his "jokes" on social media may be taken seriously.

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Comments were not kind to Tom.

One wrote: “lol, this is so sad. He is in his forties and is still acting like a damn child."

That same commenter observed: "This is the same s–t he judged Darcey for."

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"This is just downright cringe," another pronounced.

Tom did not leave up the photos for long.

Perhaps he thought better of it, realized that he’d been found out, or something else.

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Tom may have noticed that a tongue-in-cheek joke didn’t translate over Instagram.

Social media is not in person, and tens of thousands of fans are not the same as friends.

Public figures, like Tom, use social media to update their fans.

Tom and Darcey Silva

For this reason, many fans interpret what public figures write to be a genuine update, or a deliberate lie.

If you’re joking with an audience of thousands, remember that they don’t know you or your tone.

So make it really, really obvious that you’re joking and not trying to fool anyone.

Tom Brooks Hands Over a Letter

Honestly, Tom was probably kidding here … probably. You never know, with him.

That said, lounging on someone else’s furniture for a joke? That’s a little icky.

Like, we’re in a pandemic. Don’t touch somebody’s furniture or go on unnecessary trips to indoor spaces.