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Well, it’s been a big day in court for Hollywood’s grossest dudes.

First, after years of legal wrangling Kim Kardashian was finally freed from Kanye West after a judge granted her divorce bid.

Apparently upset with how the situation unfolded, Kanye fired his fourth divorce attorney this week.

Now, we’re learning that Kanye’s unlikely bestie Marilyn Manson is also throwing a legal tantrum, but this one is even more bizarre than anything that Kanye’s fevered imagination has thus far dreamed up.

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In February of last year, actress Evan Rachel Wood accused Manson of sexual assault.

She dated the shock rocker for several years, and she claims that he abused her sexually, physically, and emotionally throughout their time together.

Wood’s courage in naming the abuser that she had mentioned in past interviews wound up having a ripple effect.

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Several other accusers came forward against Manson, alleging that they were abused in a fashion similar to what Wood described.

Police are currently investigating Manson, but no charges have been filed yet.

Now, the 53-year-old is firing back against his first accuser in truly bizarre fashion.

Marilyn Manson on the Red Carpet

According to a new report from TMZ, Manson has filed a lawsuit against Wood.

Manson’s attorney claims that Wood and romantic partner Illma Gore engaged in fraud, conspiracy and defamation as part of an elaborate plot to take Manson down and destroy his career.

The suit alleges that Wood and Gore created a fake nonprofit organization called the Phoenix Act that purported to help abused women.

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Posing as employees of this organization, Wood and Gore allegedly contacted several women who had dated Manson asking them to share accounts of their experience with him.

Wood and Gore, the suit claims, would then attempt to convince the women that they had been abused during their relationships with Manson.

Manson’s attorneys even provided what they claim is the script Wood used while talking to Manson’s exes.

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It gets weirder:

The suit alleges that Wood and Gore sent out a fake letter from the FBI informing his exes that he was being investigated for assault.

Manson says Wood and Gore forged the signature of a real FBI agent who later confirmed she never wrote the letter.

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The allegations continue from there, with Manson claiming that Wood set up a fake email account and contacted several of his exes pretending to be him.

He believes the goal was to drum up negative publicity against him and to convince his exes that they had been abused, but that they were so traumatized by the experience that they repressed the memory.

He also claims that the Wood and Gore "swatted" him last year, posing as a friend and alerting authorities to an emergency at his home so that police and paramedics would arrive on the scene.

Marilyn Manson Sucks
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Finally, Manson claims that Wood and Gore falsely accused him of using an underage model in a short film he produced in the nineties.

Manson denies the allegation, claiming that the woman was 22 years old at the time.

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.