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Jenelle Evans has a lot of time on her hands these days.

Evans got fired from Teen Mom 2 way back in 2019, and while money must be getting tight on The Land, it doesn’t seem that she’s used any of her free time to seek employment.

So what has she been doing?

Well, folks who follow her on social media have pointed out that Jenelle seems to do a lot of drinking these days, but over the past few weeks she’s picked up a new addiction:

Jenelle Evans on Video

Yes, Jenelle is hooked on hate-watching Teen Mom: Family Reunion.

Based on the ratings for the spin-off this is not a very common addiction.

In fact, Jenelle might be the only one who’s obsessing over this show.

Anyway, they say the happiest people are those who can earn a living doing what they love.

And it seems that Jenelle is attempting to join that elite club with her latest YouTube video.

In it, we see Jenelle watching the show and offering her real-time commentary.

Jenelle Evans Complains

She claims it’s the first time that she’s ever watched an episode of TM:FR, but she’s been posting about the show for weeks, and her comments have been very specific

So if she hasn’t been watching it, then she’s been reading a lot about it, which is arguably weirder.

Whatever the case, the franchise has been very much on Jenelle’s mind in recent weeks, and to her credit, she’s no longer trying to hide it like she was when the first few episodes came out.

Jenelle’s latest YouTube post is a doozy, as she started hurling insults right out of the gate, attacking Maci Bookout for what she deemed "bad voiceover skills," claiming that the longtime Teen Mom OG star "sounded like you were reading a script."

It’s a weird criticism, as we’re pretty sure the cast members haven’t been trying to convince us all this time that their voiceover segments are off the cuff.

(And if that was the goal, they’ve been doing a very poor job of it.)

Maci Bookout on Teen Mom OG Season 9

Jenelle continued to grumble and complain as the episode went on, griping, "It was never a family. It’s all fake," as the show’s title appeared on screen.

"I really just feel like skipping through all this sh-t," Evans hissed as the cast members briefed viewers on their backstories at the start of the episode.

"What a f–king joke," she later moaned.

Not surprisingly, Evans lashed out at Amber Portwood, whom she’s been beefing with for several weeks now.

She accused Amber of going "on Instagram Live rants about me," which is accurate — although to be fair, Jenelle has spat out quite a few rants against Amber, as well.

Jenelle also criticized Leah Messer saying, saying "I just can’t trust her being a friend."

Leah Messer on MTV

Evans eventually broke down in tears when she noticed a photo of her on set (the set was decorated with pics of all of the moms.)

"They are literally showing all the Teen Mom 2 girls, including my picture, but you won’t let me have a voice," Jenelle sobbed.

"Thanks for using my picture on the f**king table as decoration, like I’m your prize f**king winner which you don’t want to use me."

Jenelle Evans and Her Forehead

Needless to say, it doesn’t sound like Jenelle was enjoying this experience very much.

So why did she record herself watching the episode when no one asked her to?

Well, that was just one of several very reasonable questions her critics posted in the comments.

Jenelle is Sad

"Sounds like someone is jealous and they are talking smack," one person wrote, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

"She’s salty from the start. Not a cute look."

"Sounds like somebody is jealous. If you left swamp ass [husband David Eason] home you probably would have been invited."

"Tell me you’re jealous and envious without telling me you’re jealous and envious. You claim to not miss this stuff, and that you’re glad you aren’t a part of it but here we are."

If Jenelle owned the fact that this was a huge part of her life, and the possibility that she peaked in her early twenties keeps her up nights, then maybe she’d find more sympathy on social media.

But it looks like she plans to continue blaming everyone else for her unhappiness, which is generally not a great look.