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Cassie Randolph has broken her silence.

On a topic both very personal and very painful.

The former Bachelor winner was a guest Tuesday on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s "Off the Vine" podcast, delving into the details behind Colton Underwood coming out as gay.

Randolph, of course, dated Underwood for over a year after coming out on top of his season.

Cassie Randolph and Colton Randolph on ABC

But then the pair broke up in May 2020.

And then things turned ugly, with Randolph accusing Underwood of stalking her and even taking out a restraining order against her ex.

Then, Underwood apologized for his behavior and the pair sort of made up, at least in a legal sense.

And then Underwood appeared on Good Morning America in April 2021, telling Robin Roberts on air, "I’m gay."

Cassie Randolph and Her Ex

During her interview with Bristowe, Randolph alleged that Colton didn’t give her a heads up about the Good Morning America interview.

“I found out the same way that everyone else did,” she told Kaitlyn, adding that she saw a video about the news on social media.

“It was horrible," Cassie admitted.

Randolph actually stopped by this month’s Bachelor season finale, sitting down with host Jesse Palmer to compare her situation to that of Susie Evans, who left the show after Clayton Echard slept with two other contestants… only to eventually return and decide to simple date the star.

Cassie Randolph and Colton Randolph Throwback

“I definitely was having déjà vu watching this, for sure,” Cassie said on the finale.

“I think the fact that Susie left in the first place just kind of shows, you know, she really stuck with her intuition and was right — as hard as it was, she had to leave.”

Evans, however, is now seemingly happy with Echard.

Randolph, for her part, is only just now opening up about how things fell apart between her and Underwood.

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph on Social Media

"I haven’t talked about it, so it’s really hard for me to talk about it at all, or even know the right thing to say when addressing it," she told Bristowe.

"I feel so much pressure when asked about it that I would love to be able to be open and candid about things.

"But I’m just not there yet.

"I’m sure I will one day want to speak on it because there’s just a lot there."

Colton and Cassie Pic

Cassie then elaborated on how she was told about Colton’s sexuality.

"I found out the same way that everyone else did," she recalled.

"I was actually in Mexico on vacation with friends. … But yeah, I found out, I think, through Snapchat on GMA.

"It was horrible. It was just, like, a shocking kind of feeling."

Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood on ABC

When speaking to Roberts, Underwood acknowledged how royally he effed up when it came to Randolph and their relationship.

“I’d like to say sorry for how things ended. I messed up. I made a lot of bad choices,” the 29-year-old Bachelor star said last April, adding that his love for Cassie made things “more confusing” for him.

“I would just say that I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart.

"I wish that it wouldn’t have happened the way that it did."

Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph Throwback

Cassie, who has been dating Brighton Reinhardt since May 2021, sounds over it at least.

She’s come a long way.

"I think I’ve really grown into myself the last few years," Randolph told Bristowe, reflecting on how she’s changed since her time on The Bachelor.

"I mean, so much has happened. … I feel a lot more decisive in what I want or my opinions on things.

"[During the show], I think I was just very young. It was so new that now I’ve kind of gotten used to this new kind of life change, and I can more clearly see things for what they are."