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After being silenced for most of her adult life, Britney Spears is not holding back any longer.

For years, Britney was unable to express herself truthfully on social media and was forced to present a misleading version of her life to her millions of Instagram followers.

These days, of course, Britney’s conservatorship has come to an end, and she’s finally free to truly speak her mind.

And the internet is a much better place for it!

Photo via Instagram

In an Instagram post that appeared last night — and was deleted shortly thereafter — Brit once again unloaded on her allegedly abusive family:

“Pssss gues what ???? I had a calling last night from Jesus and you know what he said???" Spears captioned a photo of herself.

"‘Dear child … your mom had a serving with her book at the exact time when you needed her most …all for WHAT ??? FAME and ATTENTION !!!!’” 

Britney Spears Models a Flirtatious Red Dress
Photo via Instagram

That appears to be a reference to Lynn Spears’ 2008 memoir, Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World, which contained a shocking amount of previously private details about her daughter’s struggles with mental illness.

There was a time when we might have been surprised to see Britney taking a dig at her mom like that, but she’s at this point, she’s been throwing this sort of shade for quite some time.

And we continue to applaud her for it.

Britney in Vegas
Photo via Instagram

What’s surprising about Britney’s latest post is that she also took aim at ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake.

"’Your ex did the same thing … he served with his first album using your name claiming you did him dirty !!!’” Brit wrote, once again quoting Jesus.

The reference this time is a lot less obscure, of course:

Timberlake, Spears

Timberlake’s first solo album was 2002’s Justified, which included the single "Cry Me a River," a transparent shot at Britney.

It might not contain as many allegations as a tell-all memoir, but the song made millions of Justin fans even more furious at Britney than they already were.

It stands to reason that she would still be miffed about all the hate she received in those days.

At that point in her post, Brit switched targets yet again, this time zeroing in on her sister.

Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears published a memoir last year, and Britney has been openly critical of the book from day one.

“’Then your blood, one of the hardest times in your life guess what your sister does … a book too … all for what ????’” Brit continued

"’Knowing doing a book is the last thing you would ever do … well because you ran away from drama and created a dream world for yourself,’" Britney wrote.

Jamie Lynn Spears on GMA

"’That’s why artists play characters to escape !!!’"

Britney landed a massive $15 million publishing deal last month, but she concluded her latest Insta rant by joking that Jesus offered her an even more attractive payday:

"’So since I know you don’t want to tell your story as Jesus your Lord and Savior… I’m gonna give you 5 bottles of jack and a life supply of McDonald’s french frieds … now go play dear child!!!!’"

Britney With a Rose

Like a lot of what the pop icon has posted in recent weeks, the meaning here can be a little tough to unpack.

But the main point seems to be that Justin has joined the rest of the Spears clan Britney’s sh-t list.

While it’s no secret that these two parted ways on seriously messy terms, some fans are surprised by the news that there’s still bad blood between Brit and JT.

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears Throwback
Photo via Getty Images

Timberlake was one of countless celebs who offered their congratulations when Britney’s conservatorship came to an end, and Spears praised her ex’s music as recently as 2020.

“PS I know we had one of the world’s biggest breakups 20 years ago… but hey the man is a genius!!! Great song JT!!!!!” she captioned a video of her rocking out to one of Justin’s hits.

Of course, that was posted during the time when Britney was still being heavily censored by her family.

Britney Spears, Post-Dance

These days, she’s letting the world know what’s really on her mind!

And clearly, that’s bad news for a lot of very powerful people!