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In her controversial cash-grab of a book, Jamie Lynn Spears made Britney Spears’ struggles all about her.

More or less everyone, including her sister, was upset about it.

Britney herself is just a few months into enjoying her basic human rights, including the right to make her own business deals.

She is making spectacular use of that time … and has reportedly signed a massive book deal.

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According to numerous outlets, Britney Spears has just sealed a deal to publish a powerful tell-all book.

The landmark publishing agreement is, according to publishing insiders, worth as much as $15 million.

The 40-year-old music legend is set to share this memoir, and it’s only taken this long to nail down because everybody wanted a piece of the action.

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Reports say that there was an intense bidding war between multiple publishers who yearned to publish Britney’s story.

As it is, the tell-all memoir will be published by Simon & Schuster, according to insiders.

Most authors are not and never get rich. Britney, in contrast, has just nailed down one of the most lucrative book deals in publishing history.

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President Bill Clinton, just months after leaving office, secured a similar $15 million book deal in 2001.

In 2017, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama sold the rights for their books.

These American icons alone seem to truly surpass Britney’s sum, as that sale is believed to have been around $65 million.

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It seems likely that Britney considered the idea of a tell-all memoir more than once during her nearly 14 years under a conservatorship.

However, that gilded cage would have made such thoughts painful.

Britney could not drive her own car, could not go on a Target run without permission, and certainly could not secure book deals.

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Late last year, that changed.

Britney’s conservatorship was abolished, and she is very abruptly free to enjoy her human rights.

That also means that she can now entertain thoughts that were once painful — like which way is best to tell the entire world what happened to her.

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Many have, for years, expressed a desire for Britney to do a tell-all interview.

She may choose to do that one day, especially if Oprah wishes to do a sit-down with her as she did with Duchess Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

However, we should all prepare for the possibility that Britney might not ever choose to share this much raw pain in that format, and with good reason.

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Britney had a painful relationship with the media and with interviews, dating back to when she was still a minor.

There are people who would just sit down and discuss Britney’s breasts when she was a teenager.

Too often, her interviews were used to make her look dull … and, in some cases, used as "evidence" that she required her father’s absolute control.

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In a book, with a ghostwriter and editors, Britney can express herself without someone maliciously playing games with her words for ratings.

That’s not a conspiracy theory — that has happened to her since she was too young to vote.

(Of course, under her conservatorship, she was also not free to vote)

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At the same time, one wonders if refuting her less liked, less famous, and less talented sister’s book helped to encourage her to move on this.

Britney was certainly not the only person who devoted a lot of time accusing Jamie Lynn of "misremembering" things in her book.

But Britney is the most famous, the mostly closely linked to Jamie Lynn, and also the one whose coattails Jamie Lynn has been riding for decades.