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Following his conviction, Geoffrey Paschel was sentenced to 18 years in prison for the brutal beating and kidnapping of his ex-fiancee.

90 Day Fiance fans celebrated the good news.

Varya Malina, despite years of being aggressively vague about her status with him, is openly supporting him.

What will happen to her now that he’s behind bars? Does she have to return to Russia?

Varya Malina Snaps a Shiny Selfie

Varya Malina never actually told anyone what sort of visa she received when she came to the United States.

On the show, she came on a tourist visa to "win back" Geoffrey — playing right into his manipulative hands.

She found herself in a love triangle with Mary in some twisted game that Geoffrey was playing with their emotions.

Geoffrey Paschel Mug Shot

Varya never confirmed anything to fans, even avoiding confirming whether she was even still dating Geoffrey.

It soon became apparent that she was living in the United States, not just on an extended visit.

She sold her apartment back in Russia, she shared on social media.

Geoffrey and Varya in Moscow

The natural conclusion was that Varya had, like several women before her, married Geoffrey.

Fortunately, unlike his past wives and fiancees, she did not get the chance to see him at his worst.

He had already been arrested and charged with unspeakable violence against his last fiancee, Kristen Wilson.

Varya used the proceeds from selling her home in Russia to support herself, allegedly.

Despite assumptions that she and Geoffrey were married, that might not be possible.

Even the K-1 visa might have always been out of reach for them.

Geoffrey Paschel and Varya Malina Throwback

Interestingly, it is reported that Geoffrey is still reportedly married to his fourth wife, Brittany Paschel.

She is, of course, estranged from him.

It is speculated that Varya may have been granted legal residency through the Diversity Immigration Visa Program, which runs on a lottery system.

If that is the case, Varya’s residency in the United States is not contingent upon Geoffrey in the slightest.

Even if she were here on a marital visa, it’s unclear if that would directly impact her continued legal status.

However, the financial implications of long-term imprisonment could be a factor — and so could the very obvious interpersonal fallout.

Geoffrey and Varya

Namely, Geoffrey is going to be behind bars where he belongs until 2040.

That barely even looks like a real year to us, but it’s going to feel extremely real for Geoffrey and for the misguided few who love him.

Sure, right now, Varya is his biggest cheerleader, likely thanks to years of intense manipulation. But can that last for 18 years?

Varya is also currently residing in Geoffrey’s house in Knoxville, Tennessee.

But he is still alive and continues to own the property.

He could conceivably sell or turn it into a rental. That’s not a secure long-term home for Varya.

Photo via Instagram

It looks like she’s basically just crashing at his place to manage some things for him until she figures out a long-term plan.

It would be lovely to see Varya on The Single Life … under the right circumstances.

She would have to be done with Geoffrey, both as a partner and as a human being.

Most fans would want her to first totally disavow him.

The alternative could mean her using a return to reality television to voice support or, worse, raise money for Geoffrey.

That wouldn’t just be in poor taste — it would be immoral. TLC might not care, but many fans do.

So, we shouldn’t expect Varya to pack up her life and return to Russia any time soon.

If it happens, it’s probably going to be her choice — not a side effect of a deeply evil man facing justice.

Varya is more likely to simply move from Tennessee and find a new place to live within the United States, since this is her home now.

Photo via Instagram

Some time in the future, maybe in two months or in two years, she’s probably going to start dating again.

We obviously hope that her next partner is better than Geoffrey.

That is setting the bar a little too low. Let’s instead say that we hope that her next partner is a decent human being.