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Look, we don’t blame her.

A few weeks ago, Julia Fox was an obscure actress best known for her relatively small role in an Adam Sandler film from 2019.

But when her relationship with Kanye West went public, Fox became an instant tabloid staple.

So it was a solid career move — but unfortunately, now she’s forced to deal with the mountain of BS that comes with dating Kanye West.


All this week, we’ve been hearing rumors about Kanye breaking up with his post-marriage rebound fling.

First, there were reports that he dumped Julia for a Kim Kardashian lookalike named Chaney Jones.

Then, West took to Instagram to pray for a second chance with Kim.

Needless to say, this is not the sort of behavior one expects from a man who’s in a committed relationship.

So has Yeezy finally realized that Julia was a temporary Kim substitute and kicked her to the curb?

Well … yes and no.

Ye at a Fight

In a statement to Page Six, a source close to Kanye revealed that the rapper is currently too busy with his career to even think about dating anyone.

“Kanye is busy,” says the source.

“He has his album. He’s got a million things going on work-wise. He designs, he produces, all of that takes time. And he is dealing with his divorce.”

Sounds like a low-key breakup announcement to us.

In the next breath, however, the insider claims that Kanye and Julia are still hooking up:

“Kanye very much likes Julia, but it’s a new situation and they aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend,” says the source.

“They are dating. The relationship doesn’t have a title yet. He only met her five weeks ago," the insider adds.

“Only time will show if this will stick.”

As for the fact that Ye is still pining after his ex and appears to be hooking up with Chaney, well — the source claims that Julia is unbothered, as she’s evolved past the point of jealousy.

Julia Fox and Kanye

“Their bond transcends typical norms because they’re evolved beings who just want each other to be happy," says the source.

"There is no jealousy or bad vibes.”

In other words, Kanye wants to continue trying to win Kim back while banging a Kim lookalike — but he doesn’t understand why that should affect his relationship with Julia.

The fact is, these two can act like they’re in some sort of friends with benefits relationship, but anyone who’s read Julia’s account of her first date with Kanye knows that their relationship was much more traditionally romantic early on.

So either it’s cooled off into something else, or Kanye and Julia have broken up but they’re not ready to talk about it publicly yet.

Either way, we’re guessing Kanye is gonna do a lot more acting out before he settles into another serious relationship.

Kanye West Spins Conspiracy Theories

It would be great for Kim if he could find someone new and move on.

But maturity and emotional intelligence are not exactly this dude’s strong suits.

And we know the beginning of a Kanye manic period when we see one …