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Being a parent is expensive. So is being a serial baby daddy.

Last month, Tristan Thompson confessed to fathering yet another child, this time with Maralee Nichols.

That makes three kids with three exes, and reports say that he could be in for a massive amount of combined child support.

But Maralee says that he hasn’t done anything to support Baby #3, even after confessing that the child is his.

Tristan Thompson Makes a Face

A recent report claimed that Tristan Thompson could be paying out up to $40k in child support to his baby mamas.

That’s not a grand total of what he’d pay.

It’s $40,000 each. He has three kids. That adds up to $120,000.

That kind of child support, while not inappropriate for the child of an extremely wealthy professional athlete, can get people talking.

However, Maralee Nichols issued a statement this week through her rep.

According to her, Tristan "has done nothing" to support Baby #3, the 2-month-old son whom he shares with her.

“Despite news reports stating otherwise, Tristan Thompson has done nothing to support his son,” Harvey Englander said on Maralee’s behalf.

“He has not made any attempt to meet their son," the statement shared.

The statement added: "nor has he provided any financial assistance.”

Tristan Thompson in Sacramento

Tristan is already a father of 5-year-old Prince with Jordan Craig.

Most famously, he is the father of 3-year-old True with Khloe Kardashian.

Maralee’s son’s name remains unknown, but with Tristan himself confessing that the paternity test confirmed that he’s the baby daddy, this child goes on the list as well.

Tristan Thompson as a King

Contrary to what many people assume, things like child support and spousal support payments are not automatic.

Just as many have begun a divorce process only to find themselves cut off from marital assets, having a rich man’s baby does not guarantee much of anything.

Unless the person who owes the other support payments happens to volunteer to do so on their own, it takes a court order to force them to pay up, and getting one can take time.

Tristan Drinks Kendall's Tequila

Maralee is not the only person wronged by Tristan and his penis’ many adventures.

Khloe had what one assumes must have been yet another deeply weird Valentine’s Day on Monday.

She chose to put a positive spin on it, spending time with her "True Love," 3-year-old True, while possibly shading Tristan in the process.

Khloe With True at Sing 2 Premiere

Tristan Thompson has an estimated net worth of 45 million dollars.

While net worth is more complicated than bank account balances, one assumes that he has at least $1,000 available to spend.

That’s about the going rate for a vasectomy. In fact, depending upon his insurance, it could be even less.

Tristan Thompson and Daughter True

We of course would never tell Tristan — or anyone — what to do with his own body or reproductive system.

But based upon Maralee’s description of his behavior after she became pregnant, it sounded like he was not enthusiastic about once again becoming a father.

Once viable sperm leave your body, you’re turning over a lot of decision-making to someone else. But Tristan does have options.

Tristan and Khloe on E!

Similarly, at any point, Tristan could have chosen to enter a relationship with a woman who would understand or even encourage his "extracurricular activities."

Plenty of people are in open marriages. Plenty of people would consider having a rich, famous athlete a fair trade for knowing that he’s boning any girl he wants.

Instead, Tristan set himself and those he claimed to love up for disappointment by dating and repeatedly betraying Khloe. The guy needs to work on himself.