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Tammy Slaton is in rehab at the moment.

This much we know.

But a bunch of fans and followers have now taken a look at the most recent Instagram posting by this 1000-lb Sisters cast members and wondering:

Is she taking rehab seriously?!?

Tammy Slaton Gets Silly

The question has been broached because Tammy hasn’t been shy about using social media even while seeking professional assistance.

Most recently, the veteran TLC personality giggled at the camera while she played with one of the app’s features, generating various rap names on the screen in the process.

One of them, as you can see below, was Lil Kitty.

Other random names spotted via this feature included "Da Disease" and "King Mommy."

Photo via Instagram

Sort of cute? We guess? Kinda? Sorta?

One could perhaps take this view if Tammy wasn’t playing around while, we must reiterate the point here, she wasn’t IN REHAB at the time of the post.

"She is in a facility and she’s getting help," a friend told The Sun last week of the reality star, adding of why she agreed to check herself in:

"This summer she was a bit reckless. There were times when I said, ‘You have a TV show about your weight. Why are you eating this?’"

Photo via Instagram

Slaton reportedly is paying her own way for this rehab stint, which is admirable, and she plans on sticking around until some time this summer.

Based on the above photos and aforementioned videos, though, some observers are now worried that she isn’t taking the process very seriously.

Or seriously at all, we should write.

"You almost died and [now you’re] on tik tok," remarked on critic, while another echoed the same sentiment: girl didn’t you almost die- are you good?"

Tammy Slaton Snapshot

Indeed, Slaton nearly passed out several weeks ago from carbon monoxide poisoning and had to be taken to the hospital.

She was placed in a medically-induced coma at the time and is lucky to be alive.

These same concerned viewers, meanwhile, are partly basing their critique, we’re sure, on what played out last season on 1000-lb Sisters.

On one episode, Tammy was picked up by her friends to hang out, saying in a subsequent confessional…

Tammy Slaton Confessional

"We’ve just been drinking, vaping. As a teenager, I wasn’t doing any partying. I was super shy about my weight and I didn’t really have many friends.

"But now, I’m at the point where I don’t care. I’m gonna be me.

"We don’t eat healthily.

"Because for me, if I eat something like pizza or pizza rolls, the bread soaks up the alcohol and the grease helps so we don’t get too hungover."

Tammy Slaton on TLC

That may be true.

But it also may be true that such a diet is a terrible idea for someone in Slaton’s position.

"She is doing it on her own. The show is not paying for it, she’s paying for it," The Sun source added a short while ago of Slaton in rehab.

"She’s doing it on her own and she’s choosing to be close to eight hours away from her family… I know that she wants to be out this summer. She has a goal for herself."

Tammy Slaton Snapshot

When Tammy does get out, meanwhile?

Sister Amy says Tammy won’t be able to afford her own home any longer.

"When she comes out she’ll stay with me for a little bit, soon as we find a place she’ll go there," Amy told The Sun of her sibling and co-star, concluding this week:

"I’m not sure when she’s gonna come back, but I know that she’s getting the help she needs.

"If she needs to be up there for a year, two years, that’s fine. She needs the help."