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90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days viewers have seen a lot of ups and downs for Memphis and Hamza on Season 5.

Between a massive language barrier and Hamza’s various lies and some cultural clashes, it doesn’t seem meant to be.

It has been strongly suggested, however, that these two stayed together for another season … and possibly even marry by the end of this one.

Now, Memphis is dropping hints that it’s over with Hamza.

Memphis Smith is visibly baffled and upset

In footage that many of us have seen (thanks to Discovery Plus jumbling the latest Before The 90 Days episode) and others will see Sunday, Hamza has doubts.

The episode ended (and/or will end on Sunday) with the two meeting on the roof to share their respective concerns.

Before Memphis can bring up hers, Hamza tells her that he thinks that maybe they rushed into marrying.

Memphis Smith warns Hamza that if they don't marry this trip, it's over

However, it is widely believed that they, like Mike Berk and Ximena Morales, are filming another season and will return.

(A funny coincidence that the two 34-year-old Americans with massive language barriers with their 20-something loves are the ones returning)

It’s possible that they’ll be on another season of Before The 90 Days, but it has been suspected that they could appear on the flagship 90 Day Fiance series.

Memphis Smith (finally) worries that her man is like another child

Given Memphis’ previous warnings to Hamza that she will end things if they don’t marry on this trip, it is guessed that they are married.

Whether that actually happens on this trip is anyone’s guess, but it does seem likely.

Recent rumors that the two have a child together — Memphis’ third — are not confirmed and, for now, feel a little more far-fetched.

Memphis Smith is so pleased by the hotel room

Memphis has recently shown signs on social media of being less than happy.

At one point, she appeared to refer to 90 Day Fiance as the "devil’s work," perhaps for its portrayal of her.

While the show is not responsible for her choices or her Cookie Monster language, editors can make people look much more foolish than they really are.

Memphis Smith cries over lies, past heartbreaks

A recent Instagram Story post by Memphis seems to hint at a major decision … possibly a split from Hamza.

"Praying I can smile like this again," Memphis began.

“When you thought that life was bad then and then you take a right turn when God says take a left one…" she wrote atop a photo of her.

Memphis added: "People will deceive you but GOD never will."

Many on social media have immediately jumped to the conclusion that Memphis is signaling a breakup.

After all, hoping to be happy again and regretting making a bad choice in the past … yeah, that sounds like a split.

Moknii Hamza - big boobies, Memphis

Whether or not that is the intended meaning of Memphis’ post, many are taking it that way.

And, frankly, most on social media are not super surprised.

From the maturity gap to the language barrier and cultural differences and so much more … it’s astonishing that they lasted this long.

Memphis explains to Hamza the importance of respecting his mom, knowing one another

Of course, some people are too annoyed at Memphis’ apparent lack of good judgment to celebrate her split.

In their eyes, she has screwed up too much for them to even root for her to find happiness.

Others resented that she brought God into the conversation at all, because they feel that all of the blame falls on her shoulders.

Memphis Smith needs to confirm that he'll have a career

That’s a little unfair … because it’s hard to say that Memphis has done much wrong other than pursue this misguided relationship with Hamza.

We here at THG have written before about how 90 Day Fiance fans are, as a whole, more eager to hate a woman for choosing a bad partner than they are to hate a man.

Considering how much backlash Memphis has received all season, it’s really no wonder that she seems to regret ever signing up for the show.