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Even if Tristan Thompson hasn’t done anything for his third child, he is still the father of Maralee Nichols’ son.

He was forced to admit as much earlier this year, following a grueling and contentious custody lawsuit.

Baby #3 was born nearly three months ago, on December 1, 2021.

Only now is Maralee revealing her son’s name … and explaining why Tristan’s name does not appear on the birth certificate.

Maralee Nichols Picture

On March 1, Theo Thompson will turn one month old!

That is the baby boy’s name, according to the birth certificate.

Theo was born in Santa Monica late last year, and his birth certificate lists only one parent: Maralee Nichols.

Despite having Tristan’s last name, Theo’s father is not mentioned on the birth certificate.

That may seem fitting, given Tristan’s adamant denials about paternity and reported refusal to offer anything to his son or baby mama.

On February 23, however, Maralee explained that her reasoning was somewhat simpler than many might expect.

Maralee Nichols Image

Speaking to E! News, Maralee detailed what factored into her decision.

"Theo, my little angel baby. I named you Theo because it means, ‘Gift from God,’" her statement began.

"I had never been pregnant," Maralee acknowledged.

Tristan Drinks Kendall's Tequila

"And," the statement continued, Maralee "had been told I might not be able to have children."

She gushed: "I couldn’t believe I was pregnant."

"When I saw you on the ultrasound and your little heartbeat," Maralee gushed, "I knew I would always protect you and keep you safe.

Maralee Nichols

"I love you more than you’ll ever know," the statement affirmed.

Maralee praised: "You bring such joy and happiness into my life."

The statement described baby Theo as "My greatest blessing."

Tristan Thompson in Sacramento

Maralee then added that Tristan’s name did not appear on the certificate "because he was not present at Theo’s birth."

We all remember how adamant Khloe was, just two days after the world learned that Tristan had cheated on her, that he be present for True’s birth.

Apparently, Tristan felt less motivated to be there for True’s younger half-brother.

When Tristan and Maralee began hooking up in early 2021, neither imagined that this would happen.

For one thing, as with other women before her, Tristan had simply told Maralee whatever sounded best.

In this case, he had claimed that he and Khloe were merely co-parents, when in fact they were together.

Tristan and Khloe on E!

Come to think of it, Khloe kept her relationship status with Tristan secret and obscured the timeline of their reconciliations more than once.

In her case, it was apparently out of a desire for privacy, and her impulse to avoid concerned comments from fans.

But it clearly worked to benefit Tristan, who felt free to tell women whatever he wanted about where things stood, and he couldn’t be disproven by a quick google.

Tristan Thompson as a King

Their series of hookups wouldn’t have gone down at all had she known his real status.

"He told me he was single and co-parenting," she stated.

Maralee affirmed: "I would never have gotten involved with Tristan if I thought he was in a relationship."