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For a variety of reasons, fans have been concerned about Khloe Kardashian for years now.

She looks different in many photos, using a myriad of tools to alter and warp her appearance.

Recently, some obvious visual discrepencies got Khloe clowned on by Twitter, particularly over what she did with her hands.

One of her latest photo has her hiding her hands entirely.

Khloe Kardashian Hides Her Hands
Photo via Instagram

Khloe Kardashian is a beautiful woman — none of the concern about her appearance questions that.

But the things about her body that she seems to perceive as flawed, from the tone of her skin to the layout of her face, aren’t seen as flaws by others.

After Khloe shared the above photo, numerous followers commented about her hidden fingers.

This is just a small sampling of the comments about Khloe’s sequestered fingers that she received, but she responded.

"Never!" Khloe declared while replying to one such comment.

"My hands are beautiful, baby," she wrote.

Just last week, Khloe wrote an unintentionally funny tweet about "betrayal" alongside four photos.

She looks gorgeous as always in each pic.

However, some of the details of the photos did make her a bit of a laughingstock on Twitter that day … and her hands were a big part of that.

Yes, Khloe is tall (for a Kardashian) and blonde and gorgeous.

She has an incredible revenge body and a lovely face.

But just because her hands aren’t ugly doesn’t mean that they didn’t stand out.

Photo via Twitter

You see, Khloe is sporting some strikingly long nails in these photos.

She is known for wearing these extremely long false nails.

Like them or not as a fashion choice, that’s not directly the issue here.

Photo via Twitter

You may have already picked up on some of what Khloe’s Twitter critics had to say.

Before we get into the hands of it all, let’s talk about her face.

Some accuse her of having digitally altered the photos to touch up her facial features.

Did Khloe photoshop this picture before tweeting it out to the world?

We can’t say for sure.

But Twitter users noticed that there were some odd visuals and inconsistencies that point to something more than makeup.

"WTF is going on?" some tweets read.

Khloe’s tan makeup made her face a glowing, warm orange.

In contrast, her hands did not get the same treatment, showing up as her natural pale skin tone … which drew unflattering comparisons.

We have not seen this many photos of chicken feet in our lives.

Reply after reply bombarded Khloe with images of chicken feet, many compared side-by-side with the pics of her hand.

It’s not the paleness or the nails, but the combination of the two.

If you weren’t convinced about the contrast, you can look right here and see for yourself.

It is normal for people to have different skin tones on different parts of their bodies, including tan lines and the like.

The above, however, looks to be the product of makeup. Khloe’s own hands showed how fake her face’s coloring is.

Khloe For Hulu

So, did Khloe intentionally hide her hands to avoid this kind of commentary in a subsequent photo?

It is certainly possible. We know that Khloe listens to criticism of her looks, internalizes it, and takes action that she hopes will avoid it.

Unfortunately, she often gets the wrong message, and seems to think that she’s ugly when what people really hate is the facetune of it all.