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For the most part, Khloe Kardashian has said very little about Tristan Thompson following his latest cheating scandal.

Is she hurt? Yes. But most of her commentary has been indirect.

Her latest tweet touches on the topic of "betrayal" alongside a series of photos.

Yet both Khloe’s words and the modeling pics themselves are getting her widely and mercilessly ridiculed.

Khloe Kardashian Poses with a White Vehicle

"Betrayal rarely comes from your enemies," Khloe wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

She accompanied that funny (but true) line with four photos.

In the pics, she is modeling in a neutral color and posing alongside a vehicle.

Obviously, Twitter users had a great deal to say about the tweet.

Some were comments about her words. Others were about the photos themselves.

However, before we go into that, let’s examine the photos themselves.

Photo via Twitter

Khloe took some photos sitting within the vehicle, though not in a secure way for driving.

Other photos showed her standing, half-beside and half-on the vehicle.

She is showing off her curvy figure and her styled hair, as is her custom.

Photo via Instagram

Now, Khloe is sporting some strikingly long nails in these photos.

The false nails extend for inches, plural, from the tips of her fingers.

Her blonde hair hangs in loose culrs just below her shoulders.

Photo via Twitter

Khloe has often been criticized for distorting her appearance, at times beyond recognition.

Through filters, through photoshop, and beyond, Khloe has warped her looks until she is happier with how she appears.

There was some of that going on in these photos, but that’s only part of why the replies were so unhappy with her.

People took the "betrayal" line and, instead of thinking of Tristan knocking up other women, noticed some visual details.

Did Khloe photoshop this picture before tweeting it? We can’t say for sure.

But viewers sure noticed that there were some odd visuals and inconsistencies that point to editing of some kind.

"WTF is going on?" others asked, and it wasn’t about the editing.

Instead, it was about Khloe’s orange looking face makeup … and the outrageous contrast with her skin.

In conjunction with her lengthy, inches-long false nails, it didn’t frame Khloe in the best light.

Genuinely, without exaggeration, we have never seen so many photos of chicken feet in our lives as we saw in the replies to Khloe.

Photos of a chicken foot getting its "nails" painted, photos of chicken feet posed like Khloe’s hand, and more.

This is certainly not the image that Khloe was trying to evoke, but she managed anyway.

Others noticed that, for a woman with her own clothing line, her clothes didn’t quite seem to … fit.

That appears to be her heel poking out through the back there, right? That’s not ideal.

We’re beginning to wonder if this is why Khloe is leaning on the car or sitting in every one of these pics.

There were two issues with Khloe’s face that people picked up on.

One was that it looked like her face had been touched up through one kind of digital editing or another.

Then there was the obvious contrast between the skin tone of her hands and her face. It’s so weird.

"Hey sweetie, your enemies literally can’t betray you because they’re your enemies and betrayal is the breaking of trust, all the best tho x," one user tweeted.

They’re right, by the way. Your known enemies can’t really betray you.

A lot of people sympathize with Khloe over what Tristan put her through, but that does not make them any less merciless towards her the rest of the time.