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Those of you who have been following the strange, sad saga of June Shannon and Geno Doak know that these two have been through hell together.

June has worked hard to turn things around in recent months by getting sober, mending broken family bonds, and doing her best to make up for the harm that she’s done to herself and her loved ones.

Unfortunately, in the wake of their breakup, the same couldn’t be said for Geno.

Shannon dumped Doak back in September, claiming that he’d become addicted to crack again following a brief period of sobriety.

June Shannon and Geno Doak Are BACK on the Premiere

Now, it seems that Geno’s downward spiral very nearly led to his death.

Geno told TMZ this week that he attempted to take his own life back in September by consuming large quantities of alcohol and prescription pills.

According to a report published today by the outlet, Doak swallowed 90 blood pressure pills and a liter of Jagermeister.

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Fortunately, a friend was staying Geno the night that he attempted to kill himself.

The houseguest noticed the empty pill bottle and called 911.

Paramedics arrived in time to save Doak’s life.

Mama June and Geno Doak Pic

Geno told TMZ that he "had been miserable for a long time" ahead of his suicide attempt.

He notes, however, that his unhappiness was not the result of his breakup with Mama June.

"Back in September, I had an overdose," Doak said.

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He explained that the overdose was a suicide attempt and not a direct result of his addiction.

"I had relapsed before my overdose. I drank a bunch of liquor and took a bunch of my blood pressure pills," he told the outlet.

"It was a suicide attempt. It was my first conscious attempt where I was like, ‘Okay, I don’t want to be here anymore.’"

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After that, Geno spent some time in a mental health facility.

He says that not long after he returned home, June helped him to get his life back on track by referring him to a rehab facility in South Carolina.

These days, Doak is working the 12 steps of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous.

Geno Doak at Lunch

He tells TMZ that he’s been getting to know himself better in hopes of avoiding the "dark place" that led to his relapse and subsequent suicide attempt.

He says that he’s indebted to June for helping him in his hour of need, but he clarified that there’s no chance that they’ll rekindle their romance.

In fact, Doak revealed that the two of them are no longer in contact with one another.

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Currently, June is dating Justin Stroud, a significantly younger man who entered her life last year.

While Shannon’s life appears to be on the upswing, there are concerns about her new relationship following Stroud’s arrest earlier this month.

June asked for fans’ prayers in the wake of her new man’s brush with the law.

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Here’s hoping June and Geno are both able to remain on the path of sobriety and continue doing right by those who care about them.

Everyone involved in this situation has certainly been through enough already.