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Some family rifts can never be mended. Some family rifts should never be mended.

June Shannon broke her daughters’ hearts during her drug-fueled downward spiral in 2019.

Now, their show has rebranded as Mama June: Road to Redemption, and June is at least trying to live up to that.

It’s not easy … but a recent revelation shows that June and her daughter Alana have made a lot of progress.

June Shannon and Alana Thompson on The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer is, on its face, absurd, like a fake show that would be featured on 30 Rock.

But the reality singing competition in which public personalities wear disguises while poorly competing is all too real.

This week, the world learned that a "beach ball" competitor was, in face, Mama June Shannon and daughter Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson.

Following that unveiling, June and Alana spoke to Lauren Zima of Entertainment Tonight.

"I feel like right now, we’re definitely working on us and trying to fix the relationship," Alana characterized.

"I don’t feel like it’s 110 percent fixed," she admitted, "but it’s definitely getting there, that’s for sure."

Alana Thompson in Fake Lashes
Photo via Instagram

June shared that she has moved much closer to her family and is now trying to see them "every day."

"We see a lot of each other during production, because we film five days a week," she noted.

"And so," June described, "I live probably 15 minutes from there now."

Photo via WEtv

Being imprisoned in a nightmare sphere — sorry, "beach ball costume" — for the farcical singing competition helped them grow closer.

"It was very emotional," June admitted.

"It was kinda great that it was coming from our 10-year anniversary of being on reality TV," she commented.

Photo via Peyton Fulford/Teen Vogue

June referred to their reality TV introduction "that happened Oct. 12 of this year, just last month."

"And now," she stated, "we’re on The Masked Singer."

"Which is huge for both of us," June noted, "because Alana did Dancing With the Stars."

June Shannon on Her Story

"And for us, it’s one of the biggest things that we’ve done in our career," June suggested.

"So, I’m hoping that with everybody seeing that," she added, "we can do more projects similar to this one."

Well of course. June lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the space of a few months. She would love more gigs like this one to rebuild her finances.

Photo via WEtv

June shared that it was special for another reason.

Because of this project, she was able to celebrate two years of sobriety with Alana by her side, she claimed.

"It really felt good," June said, describing the support and encouragement from the live studio audience.

Photo via WEtv

"The last time we were in California doing a project together, I was in my addiction," June admitted.

"So I actually thought about it a couple of nights before we went on stage," she revealed.

"And so that’s again why I was so emotional," June explained.

Photo via WEtv

"Is that I realized that was the first time I had been and done a project with Alana," June continued.

She described it as "a huge project, in L.A., in L.A. at that, and been sober."

As always, we are encouraged by June’s sobriety and hope that her health can continue to improve.