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Audrey Roloff can’t seem to do a whole lot right these days.

Not on social media.

Not when it comes to critics who continually think the worst of the former Little People, Big World star, even when her posts appear to be totally harmless — and extremely adorable.

Audrey Roloff Holds Bode

Let’s take the latest case in point, shall we?

Late last week, Audrey shared a video of herself cradling her third child, Radley, who was born to the podcast host and her husband, Jeremy, in November.

No one can look at this footage and think that the baby is anything but precious and amazing.

But some users out there have taken a look at the hashtag Roloff included along with the clip and hurled some major shade in Audrey’s direction.

Audrey Roloff Holds Radley

"His and mine," Audrey wrote as a caption, prior to adding: #poguelife #paradiseonearth #paradise #pogues #babywearing #motherhood #momlife.

For those unaware, Pogue is a type of blanket.

A bunch of vocal haters out there initially attacked Audrey for putting her kid’s life in danger via this maneuver.

Seemed a tad bit extreme, don’t you think?

Roloffs in Snow

Now, though, at least one follower has a different critique of Audrey.

This individual is sick of seeing the mother of three showing off daughter Ember or either of her sons (Bode and Radley) in a variety of posts, many which are advertisements or promotional tools for some product Audrey is pushing.

Is Audrey crossing some kind of line by using her children in such a manner?

Is she exploiting her own offspring for fame and/or fortune?

It’s actually an interesting debate, considering the kids are too young to have a say in being featured in these photos or videos.

The following take may go a bit too far, however.

“Stop profiting off your kids and go get a real job! You know darn while that if you weren’t making money off the kids you wouldn’t be doing it," one comment to the latest Radley video reads, concludding:

"Greed and fame is the root of all evil.”

A Family of 5

Audrey Roloff has never been one to hold back on Instagram.

Heck, she just recently flaunted her body placenta a few weeks after delivering baby number-three.

Does she often come across as a know-it-all? As thinking she is holier than basically everyone else out there? Yes.

But she’s also trying to be a role model for mothers around the world.

"I wish all you postpartum mamas out there could read my DM’s right now literally thousands of you guys expressing your postpartum hurts and the hard that is this season," Audrey wrote over a snapshot of Radley mere days after he entered the world.

Concluded the best-selling author back then:

"We are not alone. Whether it’s your physical body like its been for me or your mental state like it is for so many others.

"We need to be honest with ourselves and each other and give ourselves more grace for this season."