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Kody Brown has at last admitted that he’s a failure as a spouse.

This should come as no surprise to, literally, a single person who has watched a single minute of Sister Wives Season 16, as a bulk of the past several episodes has centered on Kody acting more and more like a self-centered douche canoe.

Just this past Sunday, for example, he demanded loyalty and respect from his better halves.

Prior to that, Janelle came right out and cursed Kody off.

Kody Brown with Janelle

Both of those instances took place over a year ago, however, back when Season 16 was filmed.

Now, in a brand new Cameo video, Kody has confessed that perhaps he’s to blame for where some of his romances have gone wrong.

“If you string mine out, next to each other, I’ve got nearly 100 years of experience in marriage," Kody responded to a fan who asked this polygamist for marital advice.

"I haven’t done so good, though, a few failures here and there."

Kody Brown in a Chair

The most glaring failure, of course, centers on Christine Brown, who announced two months ago that she was walking away from her marriage after more than two decades.

“After more than 25 years together, Kody and I have grown apart and I have made the difficult decision to leave,” the 49-year old wrote on November 2.

“We will continue to be a strong presence in each other’s lives as we parent our beautiful children and support our wonderful family. At this time, we ask for your grace and kindness as we navigate through this stage within our family.

"With Love, Christine Brown."

Christine Brown and Kody Brown Throwback

We’re pretty sure it’s safe to label Kody’s relationship with Meri as a failure as well, considering the latter said on air this season that the pair are only friends at this point.

She added that she feels like an outcast, without a family or a husband these days.

Way to go, Kody.

Way to make Meri feel special.

Kody in Anger

In another part of his latest Cameo message, Kody almost hints at a second separation to come.

“The most important thing is communication," Brown said, presumably with a straight face, about the keys to a successful marriage.

"Force yourselves to communicate and talk about the things that bug you. Talk about the things that are misunderstandings.

"If you don’t communicate, your marriage can’t survive. At least mine haven’t.”

A Sister Wives Selfie

Mine haven’t.

Kody just used the plural term, prompting some observers to wonder whether Robyn, Meri or Janelle is about to make a similar announcement to Christine in the near future.

For whatever it’s worth, Janelle seemingly spent New Year’s Eve with Christine and has seemed more annoyed at her husband than usual of late.

Kody Brown on Cameo

Overall, we have absolutely no idea why anyone would pay money to receive a message from Kody Brown.

But we’re glad some folks have been doing so because the results have been revealing.

Late last year, for example, Kody admitted that his very strict COVID-19 protocols in 2020 may have been a mistake.

“I think that my cure has been worse than the disease," Brown said on Cameo of the extremes he went to back then and how these rules affected his sister wives.

"That’s just a personal thing… I’m second-guessing myself, which I probably shouldn’t do at this point."