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Kate Gosselin has done something over the past several months that we never thought was possible:

She’s said nary a word.

Even in the wake of ex-husband Jon dragging her left and right ,while appearing multiple times on The Dr. Oz Show and speaking to other outlets as well, Kate has remained quiet.

This has come as quite a surprise to those who watched Gosselin seek out all the attention she could find back during her days of reality TV fame.

Kate Gosselin TLC Photo

That was clearly then, however.


Kate moved from Pennsylvania to North Carolina last March and has reportedly just put her head down and gotten to work in her new home town.

Regular work, that is. Far from the spotlight.

Kate Gosselin on ABC Photo


Because she needs the cash.

“Kate had been living a relatively normal life in Pennsylvania for years after her reality show fame began to fizzle out. The kids were in school and they kept her busy,” an In Touch Weekly insider now claims.

“Finances were always an issue, though. Kate had been living way above her means for years.”

Kate Gosselin and One Daughter

Gosselin, of course, rose to fame on Kate and Jon Plus 8, a program that chronicled her and Jon’s life as the parents of eight children.

Then, the couplel got divorced.

Then, Kate tried to anchor a couple spinoffs on her own.

But both flamed out quickly, as viewers made it clear they had moved far on from the Gosselins, neither of whom came across as especially likable people during their time in the main spotlight.

Photo via TLC

“She had sporadic deals. … It was not enough income to cover their way of life,” the In Touch source says, adding:

“Her bills were high [with] private school tuition, out-of-state college, a huge house and property.”

Kate and Jon’s two oldest children, twins Mady and Cara are students Syracuse University and Fordham University, respectfully.

It gets more complicated from there…

Photo via Tik Tok

Jon has temporary custody of Collin and Hannah, neither of whom he claims Kate has any contact with.

The remaining sextuplets (Aaden, Alexis, Joel and Leah, 17) live with Kate in Troutman, North Carolina — and, conversely, have no contact with their father.

It’s all pretty sad, really.

Following the move to North Carolina, Kate has made an attempt to return to the medical field. But it hasn’t been easy for her.

Kate Gosselin on Her Gram
Photo via Instagram

“Returning to nursing isn’t easy for Kate because of her fame. It really went to her head,” a tabloid source says about how Gosselin is making ends meet for her family.

“She hadn’t worked as a nurse since she began filming the show [Jon & Kate Plus 8] 15 years ago!

"But she has to do what she has to do.”