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Following Josh Duggar’s arrest, trial, and conviction, Amy Duggar has been outspoken and righteous.

She has called out her vile cousin, only holding back from saying more due to an NDA.

Amy recently shared how hypocritical some of the Duggars’ Christian fans can be when they go after her.

Fortunately, she knows the solution: blocking the trolls and bullies at every turn.

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Amy Duggar took to Twitter this week to share a meme about identifying Internet Bullies.

They tend to have bible quotes about kindness in their bios.

Many, it is perceived, have "Karen" haircuts akin to Kate Gosselin’s infamous ‘do.

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A lot of them are caught up in pyramid schemes, perhaps without knowing it.

Finally, the post notes that they have children with names like "Tayden, Blayden, and Xayden."

Combined, we begin to see a specific type of white woman described — and it’s something that Amy recognized.

"It’s so true about how they ‘all’ have Bible quotes in their bio!" Amy noted in her tweet.

Notably, Amy was not saying that bible quotes are a red flag or that all people with bible quotes are bullies.

Instead, she — being a Christian herself — was clearly highlighting how hypocritical these trolls can be.

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Amy elaborated on Instagram, writing that she "blocked a few bullies today."

It is good that she knows how to handle these trolls.

Sometimes, even the most cynical of us catch ourselves taking the bait and trying to reason with the unreasonable. It is a fool’s errand.

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Before we get into Amy’s addition, let’s go through this list of tell-tale signs associated with these bullies.

First up is the bible quotes in people’s bios.

There is a complicated topic, as not all faith groups feel comfortable including their sincerely held beliefs in their bios for fear of making others uncomfortable.

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However, in a society where Christianity absolutely dominates many facets of our culture, a bible quote does not stand out.

(Not in the way that a reference to a minority faith, especially one in another language such as Arabic or Sanskrit, might)

But sometimes the quotes that people choose to put in their bios come back to bite them when it is clear that they are hypocritical.

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The haircut thing is a little mean, and has been used to unfairly malign a lot of people with genuinely great undercuts.

However, Kate Gosselin is a horrible person, and she is not the only Gen X mom who has adopted that hairstyle or embodied the "Karen" stereotype.

Harassing retail employees as a way of venting your frustrations and feeling powerful is wrong no matter your hairstyle, however.

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Pyramid schemes are called this because they all benefit the people at the top — the ones who started it — at the expense of the ones who come later.

From household products to NFTs, these predatory arrangements seem too good to be true, promising big returns on a small investment of time and money.

The truth, of course, is that most people will not benefit, losing out on anything from hundreds of dollars to their life savings in a bid to get rich.

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The reason that pyramid schemes are associated with online bullies is complicated.

Part of it has to do with having a driven personality in conjunction with being unhappy with your lot in life.

That could make you desperate enough to fall for a pyramid scheme. It could also make you vent your anger on social media.

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The name bit has more to do with the fact that, let’s face it, almost all of this particular flavor of troll are white women in their thirties, forties, and fifties.

These are genuinely good names (well, some of them — all permutations of Jayden), but people poke fun at how common they are.

Just as many Millennials grew up with an excess of Katies and Ashleys, young children these days have a lot of more "inventive" names that still sound similar.

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Obviously, the meme that Amy shared is partially joking, relying upon stereotypes and assumptions to describe a very real and familiar type of person.

Amy has plenty of run-ins with the toxic people who somehow, despite everything, support her horrible uncle and aunt and consider her "the enemy."

How many people writing vile things to Amy have expressions of faith in their social media bios that speak about love and kindness? More than a few.