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At this point in the Sister Wives season, one thing is evident:

No one is happy.

Heck, no one is close to being happy.

Just how extreme has the discontent become?

Robyn on Air

Janelle Brown cursed off Kody Brown last Sunday.

It was glorious.

Heck, even Robyn Brown, long considered to be Kody’s favorite spouse, has found reasons to complain on Season 16, actually taking issue with spending too much time alongside her husband.

On the January 9 installment of this TLC series, meanwhile, Robyn will once again reiterate this unusual stance.

“I did not sign up to be in this family to only have Kody in my life,” the mother of six will tell Meri before getting choked up.

“As much as I love Kody and it is great to have him around, it is stressing me out.

"I’m worried about the kids that aren’t seeing their dad, and I’m worried about the wives that aren’t seeing Kody.”

Indeed, Kody instituted a number of strict COVID-19 protocols in late 2020 (back when Season 16 was filmed) and Robyn was the only sister wife willing to follow each and every one — hence why she’s been seeing so much of Kody on air these days.

Robyn Brown Confesses on Season 16

It’s not just the constant presence of her really annoying husband that has Robyn down, though.

It’s also the reputation she has earned with her plural marriage.

“I’m so tired of this! I’ve been doing it for years, from Day One, sitting here begging to be a part of this family,” Robyn says in a confessional on Sunday, courtesy of an Us Weekly sneak peek.

“And I’m tired of being questioned. I’m just tired of it."

Robyn Brown on Season 16

Come again, Robyn?

The issue at the heart of this complaint seems to be Robyn feeling as though she’s never been accepted by her other spouses.

The youngest of all Kody’s sister wives, Robyn is also his only legal wife; the pair exchanged vows in 2014 after Meri filed for divorce from Meri.

On Sunday’s episode, Robyn will semi-break down over the feeling that she’s always the one to blame when things go wrong for the Browns.

Kody and Robyn for Sister Wives

“I called my mom and she just kind of chuckled and she said, ‘Robyn, all they do is blame you for stuff. You’re just their scapegoat; you’re the Brown Family Scapegoat," Robyn continues in this footage.

In contrast, meanwhile, Meri will have quite the retort for her beleaguered pal.

“Hey, at least you’re part of the Brown Family!” she tells Robyn.

Meri and Robyn Brown

In a confessional, Meri elaborates on this point:

“No I don’t feel like I am part of the Brown family. It’s this weird thing. Am I sister wife when I don’t have a husband? And I have a husband, technically, but do I?

"It’s weird."

We’d say it’s closer to sad, but both adjectives fit.

Photo via TLC

Considering the broken status of Meri’s marriage to Kody, Robyn doesn’t have many comforting words to say in return.

“She’s mourning the relationship that she had, the relationship lost, the marriage that she’s lost, and I understand that. I validate it,” Robyn says on air.

“It’s sad, but I don’t know that its ever going to be what it was, but it could be something new.”