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This week, 90 Day Fiance star Tarik Myers shared that Hazel Cagalitan left him after about a year and a half of marriage.

At the time, he asked his fans and followers to not harass Hazel as they have in the past, and clearly wanted her back.

Hazel has updated her own social media, appearing to accuse her husband of emotional abuse during their marriage.

Tarik is firing back while asking Hazel to please call him so that they can work this out.

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"A real man won’t abuse his woman mentally and emotionally," Hazel Cagalitan’s Instagram bio now reads.

"A real man won’t run his mouth on social media," the updated description continues.

Hazel’s bio concludes by saying that "truth will prevail one day."

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In addition to upgrading her Instagram bio, Hazel posted a series of Instagram Stories.

They were spiritual and self-help messages that she clearly found relevant to her current feelings.

"Wrap yourself with positivity even in the darkest situation," one post reads.

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"Never feel guilty for doing what’s best for you," another of Hazel’s shared posts advises.

That is actually very good advice, most of the time.

There are exceptions — bad parents, or taking a bribe — but it’s generally a good attitude to have.

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"You can be a kind person with a good heart and still tell people to f–k off when needed," another post asserts.

That is also true.

Does this mean that Hazel is telling Tarik to f–k off?

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"Work at being calm about everything," another post suggests, "it will allow your mind to find solutions."

"Calmness is also a state of trust," it adds.

"Instead of overthinking and overreacting," the post explains, "you just surrender for that moment and allow yourself to receive guidance for what doesn’t make sense."

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"You can’t always be nice," another story counsels. "That’s how people take advantage of you."

The post continues: "Sometimes, you have to set boundaries."

That is true though, like most of these sayings, is also a line that can be misused by bad people.

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Another reads: "A wise man once said, ‘Bees don’t waste their time explaining to flies that honey is better than s–t.’"

This one is a little less literal, but the meaning is clear.

You don’t have to justify what you do to others or explain why your actions are not the ones that they would make, because you know your life and your choices.

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Hazel also shared song lyrics to her Instagram Stories.

In general, it is clear that she is projecting an attitude of empowerment.

We are sure that she is feeling a lot of emotions right now, some of which may be very difficult and painful.

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In a now-deleted post, Tarik shared a screenshot of Hazel’s bio and included his own lengthy caption.

“Lawyers told me that you would claim this," he alleged. "They say it’s the go to claim to try to stay in the U.S."

"I said no way, not my wife. She’d never," Tarik continued. "She’d go back willingly first."

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“Is this really who you are? I still will not bash you or air out our personal life," Tarik’s caption continued.

"I will say that you know everything I ever said or did was to provide a wonderful life for you, my daughter, and YOUR SON," he continued.

"No one is fighting harder for him than I am to this day," Tarik claimed. "Not even you."

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“So don’t let IG haters and the ‘friends’ around you push you to make a bad decision because you’re upset," Tarik asked his wife.

"Would they put their life on the line for you or your son?" he asked, answering: "NO they won’t."

Tarik added: "I know one person who would."

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“And I only told social media you left," Tarik insisted, "and asked that you be left alone and not harassed."

He warned: "You’re gonna make yourself look much worse if you force me tell my side online."

"Calm down and call me," Tarik urged Hazel.

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"Dwain is flying here tomorrow to stay with me for a while to help me try to talk to you and fix it," Tarik shared.

He concluded: "I didn’t lie on you so don’t lie on me. #Tarzel”

This is a mess, and it’s more than a little sad … even if some xenophobic and biphobic "fans" in 90 Day Fiance spaces are celebrating, we find this whole thing heartbreaking.