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By now, everyone is well aware of how things went for Farrah Abraham on Teen Mom: Family Reunion.

It’s not really a mystery why so many people take issue with her. 

Farrah will never apologize and never change, and everyone knows it.

She will also always, always lash out with vicious word salads at anyone who crosses her.

Photo via Instagram

Farrah Abraham recently went on Instagram Live to give her "jealous" Teen Mom castmates a piece of her troubled mind.

Don’t worry, she also had choice words for "haters of Teen Mom" whom she claims are sex-shaming and hate criming her.

By choice words, we don’t mean good choices, but … choice nonetheless.

Farrah Abraham Flaunts Huge Lips

“I really didn’t miss the haters of ‘Teen Mom,’” Farrah declared before her fury robbed her of the ability to speak clearly.

“I worked so hard to be over pandemic-proof!” she announced.

Farrah declared: “I’m beyond sex-shaming."

Farrah Abraham Speaks
Photo via Instagram

“And I do love, even when I hear continually — and this only happens when ‘Teen Mom’ stuff occurs," Farrah ranted.

She added: "the overwhelming jealous and hatred, especially of awful mothers and despicable, sexist misogynistic men.”

We actually have to pause for a moment to try to interpret what she is attempting to communicate.

Farrah Abraham Farrahsplains to Followers
Photo via Instagram

It’s unclear exactly what she is saying.

At first glance, one might think that Farrah is talking about castmates, but maybe not.

Perhaps that haters flock to her social media more than usual when she appears on screen?

Farrah Abraham Returns

“So just for you, a little gift for you," she began.

"I’m not going to stop being the independent adult that I am," Farrah threatened.

She described herself as someone "who is spiritually and sexually empowered to be the woman that I am."

Farrah Abraham on Video in April 2021

“Never gonna stop, especially for you!” Farrah menaced.

She then instructed all of her detractors to “pick on somebody else.”

Well, that’s certainly telling them.

Photo via MTV

We’re not advocating that people attempt to cyberbully Farrah Abraham, though … it’s unlikely that this would happen.

There are inescapable power dynamics implied by terms like "bullying."

Calling out a famous person who behaves poorly on screens in exchange for wealth is not really bullying.

Farrah's Face in 2021
Photo via Instagram

Some of Farrah’s critics are not being fair and are genuinely being cruel and misogynistic.

Farrah’s sex work, her body modifications, and how she dresses are her own choices and not fair game.

Her behavior, however — from vicious rants to paranoid nonsense to racist ramblings — can and should be discussed.

Farrah Abraham With Humongous Lips

Farrah seemingly cannot distinguish between the two, which is a bit of a problem.

See, "ignore the haters" is great when trolls are calling you a "skank" or trying to shame you for sex work.

But if someone asks you to stop being racist, stop perpetuating dangerous conspiracy theories, or stop endangering your child … that’s different.

Farrah Abraham with Blonde Hair

Farrah cannot understand the difference. To her, they seem to all be attacks.

And when Farrah feels attacked, she lashes out at anyone and everyone.

Unfortunately, she often struggles to clearly express herself.

Farrah Abraham in Glasses

Anyone and everyone can make typos, miss a word, or accidentally be unclear without noticing it. Those are parts of language.

But the way that Farrah’s ability to speak and write devolves when she becomes unhappy is, to be honest, troubling.

Farrah’s inability to recognize this struggle led to her feud with Harvard University and has earned her laughter when she might have gotten help. It’s kind of sad.