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It’s clear that Jon Gosselin still has a lot to say, which is why his upcoming hip hop album will also be autobiographical.

Yes, that’s real and not something from a 2010 skit intended to parody him.

Parts of what he has to say are serious, however, like his estrangement from some of his children.

Jon’s eldest daughters, twins Mady and Cara, have been totally out of contact with him for a full eight years.

Jon Gosselin Hasn't Spoken to the Twins in 8 Years

Mady and Cara are both 21 years old.

Speaking to Dr. Oz, Jon confirmed that it has been about eight years since he spoke to the twins.

At least, it’s been about 8 years since they’ve had anything to say to him.

Jon Gosselin and a DJ

Dr. Oz brought up something that we noted years ago, that Cara Gosselin snubbed Jon.

In her biography for her college rowing team, she listed Kate Gosselin as her parent — with no mention of Jon.

Jon, however, said that this was no big deal.

"It’s just like anything. It’s just like an emergency contact," Jon explained.

He expressed: "It doesn’t make me feel any different."

This was when Jon divulged that he has not spoken with either of the twins in "eight years."

Photo via Instagram

But it’s not for lack of trying, Jon shared.

"I text them every single year," he noted.

"And every time I come here to your show or interview," Jon added, "I text my daughter every single time."

Cara Gosselin Gets Interviewed

That kind of one-sided texting can sound a lot like harassment, but they do have options.

Jon clarified that his twins have not "blocked him."

He knows this because, when he messages them, "it’s blue."

Jon Gosselin on Television

Jon speculated that Cara could be "angry and scared."

He explained that she might feel this way because she does not want to "upset her mother."

Kate being Kate, that is an understandable fear for any child, even an adult one.

Jon Gosselin on Dr. Oz

Hannah is still in contact with at least some of her siblings.

Jon noted that she "cut through stops" and went to have dinner with her Kate-aligned siblings.

Collin was not there, however. Some siblings bonds take time to repair. Some cannot be mended.

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Mady and Cara have every right to sever all contact with Jon.

Just like everyone else on the planet, they get to choose who gets to know them and who does not.

No one gets to pick their parents. The best that they can do is pick who gets to stay their parent.

Jon Gosselin: A Selfie
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For many, going no-contact (as it is called) with a parent can be a true asset to mental and emotional health.

From childhood trauma to ongoing emotional manipulation and more, there are no shortage of ways that a parent’s failings can haunt a child well into adulthood.

There are times when the best thing that someone can do for themselves is to cut someone out of their life forever.

Mady Gosselin: A Selfie
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What people do question about Mady and Cara’s choice is … are they angry at the right parent?

No one doubts that Jon Gosselin has many failings, particularly in the past but also now.

But people who would not touch Kate with a ten-foot pole question why anyone would stay in contact with her … especially her children.

Jon Gosselin Doesn't Hold Back
Photo via NBC

Kate is not a good person or a good mother, for a plethora of reasons.

She notably shipped off one of her children, Collin, to an institution where he spent years — and that was only after being a target of her anger for his whole life.

Between the accusations of abuse and her general demeanor … why aren’t Mady and Cara giving Kate the same treatment as they’re giving Jon?

Mady Selfie

Only they can offer a good answer to that.

The best that we can say is that it’s not uncommon for children with two flawed parents to cling to one and project all of their anger at the other.

Sometimes, that is fully justified. Other times, it’s just how they cope with the raw hand that they were dealt at birth.

Jon Gosselin as a Guest
Photo via Dr. Oz

There are too many cases where children cling to the worst of their parents, out of fear or simply as a survival mechanism.

(A lot of what people endure and convince themselves to endure at the hands of toxic partners and family boils down to survival instincts)

We can only imagine the courage that it took Hannah to leave Kate in the dust and seek out a better life for herself.