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Those who have followed the Gosselin family for the long haul have heard a lot about Mady Gosselin at college.

But what about her twin?

Cara Gosselin is a student athlete.

It’s through her school records that fans have uncovered just how disinterested she is in acknowledging her father, Jon Gosselin.

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Cara is on her college rowing team.

The 20-year-old twin lists her mother, her twin, and all six siblings.

She’s described as the twin of "Mady" and "daughter of Kate Gosselin."

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But nowhere on the document is any mention of her 44-year-old father, Jon.

It’s not a shock that they are estranged — this has been the case for many years.

Given that their familial relationship is no secret, however, it was a bit of a surprise that she didn’t even mention him in her bio.

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As we mentioned, Cara, her twin, and four of their six younger siblings are more or less in the same boat.

They are not on good terms with Jon and have not been for the majority of the last decade.

There is a lot of tension, a lot of estrangement, and no shortage of hurt feelings in that fractured family.

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Hannah and Collin, however, live with Jon and have much better bonds with him.

Jon was finally awarded custody of them both in 2018, as their age meant that they had some say in the matter.

Hannah wanted to be with Jon. Collin, locked away by Kate in a far-off institution, was also happy to be free.

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Jon has spoken in the past about how he clings to the hope that one day, things will change.

He is not in contact with them, but hopes for a brighter future for his sundered family — at least, as far as his kids are concerned.

He has no intention of giving up, simply of making sure that his six estranged children know that he loves them unconditionally.

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Hannah, Jon has stated, does stay in touch with her siblings.

That is so important and something that Jon has always stressed.

Collin may have some additional baggage with his siblings, as he was seemingly a specific target for Kate’s wrath for many years.

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As the oldest, Mady and Cara have spoken more in public about their feelings about Jon than their four Kate-aligned siblings have.

In 2016, they opened up about how they were not speaking to him, and frankly weren’t sure what to say about him.

At the time, they stressed that continuing to discuss them or even mention them in interviews was not doing him any favors.

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On the one hand, you can see their point.

Famously, Thomas Markle dug himself deeper and deeper into a hole of estrangement by blabbing about Duchess Meghan Markle.

One would hate to think that Jon has been doing the same every time that he speaks about his kids.

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On the other hand, Jon is also a celebrity in his own right.

So it’s not like someone becomes famous and some loser relative starts doing cash interviews left and right.

Jon’s interviewed because he’s a public figure, arguably more so than any of his relatives save his widely reviled ex wife.

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That said … Cara, Mady, and any of his other kids have every right to ice out anyone whom they like.

No child gets to choose the parents to whom they are born, and it’s probably safe to say that no one would have chosen Jon and Kate.

There’s a sick tendency in our culture to push people to reconcile with blood relatives even when those relationships were toxic.

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So yes, any of the Gosselins can ice out Jon, for years or for life, if they want to.

And maybe they are right to do so. He has certainly failed them more than once, as we’re sure that he would agree.

However, many fans worry that this is less about their feelings and more the extremely damaging influence of Kate.

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Many view Kate Gosselin as an abusive, controlling, toxic human being who should never be allowed around children (or dogs).

While Collin was perceived to be her victim of choice, it looks like all of the Gosselin children would have benefitted from a Kate-free life.

Maybe Cara is snubbing the wrong parent. But maybe both of her parents just suck. That happens a lot.