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For years now, fans have been speculating on Jenelle Evans’ financial situation.

Some of them are looking to have a laugh at the desperate circumstances of a former reality star who used to glory in flaunting her wealth.

For others, their curiosity is borne of concern for Jenelle and David Eason’s children, who have already been removed from their home once due to the couple’s inability to provide a safe and stable environment.

Both sets of inquisitors saw their worst fears confirmed this week when Jenelle’s life fell to pieces over the course of one truly disastrous day.

Jenelle Evans Models Her Active Wear

As we previously reported, November 12 began with Jenelle revealing that her clothing line had been "canceled."

In a series of tearful Instagram and TikTok videos, Evans stated that the company that had planned to manufacture Evans’ line of lounge wear had decided to sever ties with her after learning of her problematic past.

And that was just the beginning of Jenelle’s very bad day.

Jenelle Evans Does Some Modeling

That night, David was arrested and charged with driving with an open container, driving with a revoked license, and DWI.

It was the fifth time in the past nine years that Eason has been picked up on suspicion of DWI, and he’s been arrested for numerous non-traffic-related infractions during that time, as well.

And it seems the Easons can scarcely afford all of the fines and fees that accompany these many brushes with the law.

Jenelle and David at a Real Farm
Photo via Instagram

David was released on bail around 2 am on Saturday morning.

The payment was made via bondsman, which is likely an indication that he and Jenelle did not have access to $750.

There are many reasons why this might have been the case, but the one most fans seem to have fixated on is also the simplest explanation:

David Eason Crying

Jenelle and David — both of them earning mid-six figure salaries just two short years ago — no longer have $750 to their name.

And that’s not the only indication that these two are in dire financial straits.

According to a new report from The Sun, a $46,406.70 state tax lien for the year 2017 that was placed on the couple’s home in June 2020 remains active.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason Backstage
Photo via Instagram

It’s unclear if the Easons have paid down any of that amount, but they’ve almost certainly incurred additional tax debt in the years since.

The fact that they own a sizable plot of land — even if the house on it is sinking — was one of the Easons only claims to financial security.

If they lose that property due to tax debt, then it’s anyone’s guess what might happen to the couple’s long-suffering children.

Photo via Facebook

Obviously, the kids deserve our sympathy, but should we pity Jenelle and David, as well?

It’s a complicated question.

One has to begin by considering the fact that these two are truly terrible people by just about any measure.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in 2020

The Easons are bigots, braggarts, abusers of children, animals, and just about every sort of substance one can imagine.

Even so, we might feel somewhat moved by their current financial hardship — were it not for the fact that these two simply refuse to get jobs.

Jenelle got fired from Teen Mom 2 back in 2019 (David had already been let go from the show as a result of his antagonistic behavior on set and on social media).

Jenelle Evans Sells Clothes
Photo via Instagram

In the years since, she’s done nothing to seek employment.

If either Jenelle or David had so much as filled out a job application, perhaps we would feel sorry for them.

As it is, we only feel sorry for their kids.

Fortunately, as the CPS debacle revealed, the children all have relatives who are willing to take them in in the event if an emergency.