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Earlier this year, Madison LeCroy made numerous headlines for what she allegedly did with her finger while on a FaceTime call many months ago with Alex Rodriguez.

Now, though?

The polarizing Southern Charm star is making a different sort of headline for doing something very different with her finger:

Placing a diamond ring on it.

Madison LeCroy Kisses Fiance

Yup, folks, Madison LeCroy is engaged!

According to TMZ, LeCroy immediately accepted the proposal of her relatively new boyfriend, Brett, because "he treats her better than any man before," the celebrity gossip website writes.

We don’t know a lot about this Brett fella, but insiders say he’s a terrific father figure to Madison’s eight-year old son.

Moreover, not many of LeCroy’s friends have even met the D-Lister’s fiance, reports TMZ, who didn’t even live in the same country as Madison when the two started dating.

Photo via Instagram

LeCroy went Instagram official with this lover in June.

The Southern Charm cast member previously dated her colleague, Austen Kroll, and was also linked to ex-NFL quarterback Jay Cutler.

Most infamously, though, LeCroy was involved in some mysterious manner with the aforementioed admitted steroid user, Rodriguez.

Some folks out even think her affair with the retired slugger led to his split from fiancee Jennifer Lopez.

Photo via Instagram

We can’t verify that rumor at this time.

However, LeCroy herself confessed this sprring that Rodriguez slid into her DMs at some point in 2020.

She told Andy Cohen at one point that her relationship with the frequent home run hitter was innocent — but she also admitted that they did have a relationship.

Of some sort.

Photo via Instagram

“He contacted me. And yes, we DMed,” LeCroy said on the Season 7 Southern Charm reunion, adding:

“But other than that, there was nothing. I’ve never physically seen him, touched him.

"I am not a f—king liar and I will stand up for that.”

You took note of that, too, right? LeCroy emphasized she never PHYSICALLY touched A-Rod.

Photo via Instagram

It’s no wonder, therefore, that most observers assume the two touched each other (yes, down there!) while on these FaceTime calls.

In a separate interview with Page Six, LeCroy made a similar comment.

She said that she and the former New York Yankees star’s phone calls were harmless, insisting that he’s “never physically cheated on his fiancée with me.”

Rodriguez, for his part, has said through a representative that he’s "never met" Madison.

Photo via Instagram

Doesn’t sound like a denial when it comes to those mutual masturbation charges, does it?

With that in mind, we send our congratulations to Madison and her fiance.

We just hope he has a great deal of self-confidence.

And maybe unplugs LeCroy’s Internet connection for the foreseeable future.