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Madison LeCroy may or may not have helped break up Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez by carrying on an emotional affair with the latter that included at least on FaceTiming session where each party masturbated in front of the other.

But Madison LeCroy is definitely engaged! 

The Southern Charm cast member accepted a proposal from boyfriend Brett last week, much to the shock of those who have been keeping track of LeCroy’s romantic journey.

Brett and Madison LeCroy

She only split from Austen Kroll last year and she was also semi-recently linked to former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler.

LeCroy didn’t go Instagram official with Brett until this past June.

Alas, the heart wants what the heart wants when the hearts want it.

So, here we ago. LeCroy is engaged for a second time.

Speaking to People Magazine about the proposal, LeCroy said it took place last Friday after Brett took her and her eight-year old son Hudson out for a birthday celebration.

And she did not see it coming! At. All.

"I’m thinking it’s just a birthday dinner, and my son’s over here jumping around and I turn around and my fiancé is down on one knee and proposed to me in my living room. It was so intimate," LeCroy told this outlet.

"I’ve been crying like crazy from joy. [I’m] so excited."

Brett apparently spoke to both Hudson prior to popping this major question, along with Madison’s parents.

Madison and Brett met back in April while they were on separate trips in Arizona.

"He chased me out of the restaurant and he’s like, ‘I got to get your number and I have to take you on a date,’" she explains here, adding that Brett was living in California at the time and flew to South Carolina just to go on said first date.

"[He’s] very committed and made the effort," she told People.

Madison LeCroy Kisses Fiance

LeCroy, of course, made headlines this spring for admitting at the Southern Charm reunion that she had a relationship of some kind with Rodriguez.

“He contacted me. And yes, we DMed,” she told Andy Cohen at the time, adding in very odd fashion: "I’ve never physically seen him, touched him."

You may go ahead now and make your own presumptions about what Madison meant here and what kind of contact she had with A-Rod.

Only a few weeks after LeCroy made this confession, though, Lopez called off her engagement to Rodriguez.

On Saturday, meanwhile, LeCroy shared some snapshots of her belated birthday party/surprise engagement day writing, "Speechless."

She also penned "When you know you know" in regard to Brett as a caption to a picture of her, her son and her new fiance.

As for how those close to LeCroy have responded to the romantic news?

“Finally! She’s broken the ice for weddings in our friend group,” Kathryn Dennis told Us Weekly. “I’m very happy for her and her family and can’t wait to see who is next!!!”

And as for the ring now on LeCroy’s finger?

It was designed by Nicole Kopelman of Nicole Rose Jewelry and it is 3.5 carats in size.

The jeweler spoke to Us Weekly — likely in exchange for gifting the rock for free to Madison and her lover — and said Brett reached out a "few months ago," even though he only just met LeCroy in April, and said:

The couple decided on “a round brilliant cut diamond set in a two-tone 18K and platinum setting with a handmade mounting."

And, finally, as for the nuptials themselves?

“Even though I was married in the past, I had never tried on a wedding dress. I had never done any of that.

"This is really the first time that I’m going to be a bride, so I’m going to take my time,” LeCroy told Us.

“[Brett] has a large family and so do I. So we’re gonna probably keep it under a hundred [guests] if we can, which is going to be hard to do.”