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Right now, we don’t know if Brian Laundrie is alive or dead, where he is, or if anyone is helping him survive in hiding.

A lot of people are looking for him, from authorities to everyday citizens who are keeping an eye out … to some notable individuals.

Duane "Dog The Bounty Hunter" Chapman has inserted himself into the case. So has America’s Most Wanted host John Walsh.

Perhaps they have struck a nerve, because the Laundrie family is lashing out at them both.

Duane Chapman With Beth's Box of Ashes
Photo via Entertainment Tonight

Steven Bertolino is representing the family of Brian Laundrie.

Speaking to TMZ, he stated: "Dusty relics like that Dog and John Walsh need a tragic situation like this."

Continued Bertolino: "So they can clear the cobwebs off their names and give their publicity hungry egos some food."

Brian Laundrie on a Beach

Last month, Duane Chapman declared that he was searching for Brian.

He has called for tips to his private tip line and, at 68 years of age, personally trekked across challenging terrain.

In the process, his ankle became injured, but he has also gained a lot of attention and been interviewed more than he has in years.

Duane Chapman Has Had It
Photo via NBC

Some in the media have suggested that Duane’s presence, investigation, and desire to speak in interviews could actually interfere with the real search.

"That’s for law enforcement to determine," Bertolino told TMZ when they asked.

He had less directly to say about John Walsh, but notably he does have a new TV special covering the search.

Photo via FOX

Duane is sometimes viewed as a larger-than-life sideshow act, but some people do take him seriously as a bounty hunter and human being.

John Walsh has his critics, but is generally viewed as a dedicated and passionate advocate for victims and survivors.

After all, hosting America’s Most Wanted was not just a job for him — it was a project.

During a recent press conference, it was revealed that Gabby Petito’s official manner of death was strangulation.

We had known for some time (not just suspected, but known) that her cause of death was homicide.

The medical examiner’s office also confirmed that her remains had been in the wilderness for three to four weeks.

Photo via YouTube

At that press conference, Walsh spoke up to point the finger at Brian.

“I think everybody in the world believes Brian Laundrie killed Gabby," he asserted.

"With extensive work on the body are you sure that it’s Brian Laundrie," Walsh asked, "and will the FBI issue a nationwide homicide warrant now that they know the cause of death?” 

Brian Laundrie on YouTube

While that was a bit much and not a helpful question for any medical examiner’s office, the sentiments are not unpopular.

Currently, Brian has only officially been charged with misusing Gabby’s bank card — stealing $1,000 from her after her murder.

However, it is universally expected that Brian will face much more substantial charges once he is captured.

Brian Laundrie Photo

At the same time, survivalist experts have cast doubt upon the idea that Brian is simply "roughing it" in the woods somewhere.

They believe that he’s either not hiding where people expect him to, receiving considerable help from others, or is already dead.

Either way, Gabby Petito deserves justice, and her family deserves both answers and closure.