Jenelle Evans Twerks Like a Madman in Her Thicc, All-Natural Glory

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Jenelle Evans has something to say.

And also something to do.

The beleaguered former Teen Mon star uploaded footage last week of her and daughter Ensley dancingg and Twerking while wearing bathing suits.

Out in the woods, the loved ones performed the Linda and Heather theme song "Together and Torever," with Evans writing as a caption:

Jenelle Evans Shakes It

"We both forgot what we were doing until the end."

It's actually a pretty cute video, although it prompted viewers to once again question how Jenelle achieved her bootylicious body.

After including the hashtag “#GotItFromMyMomma" on a separate recent Instagram post, critics jumped all over Evans, calling her out for flaunting curves that she allegedly did NOT get from her momma.

Jenelle Evans and a Daughter

“But mama didn’t give it to you… @therealdrmiami did,” one person wrote, for example, referring to plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer.

The Snapchat-famous physician has performed surgery on other stars from the Teen Mom franchise, including Kailyn Lowry, Brittany DeJesus and Briana DeJesus.

Evans, who continuallly receives hate on TikTok, seemed especially irritated by this accusation.

She even posted a follow-up TikTok video, alongside violent husband David Eason, in an attempt to prove that her rear end is all natural.

Jenelle Evans Takes a Bow

While sitting outside with David, she asks in this second video:

“So, when I went to Dr. Miami in Florida, what did I go there for?”

“Your chin,” David says from off camera after some hesitation.

“Yeah? Right, okay,” the mother of three continued. “[Because] someone said your mama didn’t give it to you, Dr. Miami did.”

Jenelle Evans Labor Day Pic

Eason then backed up his wife as follows:

“Oh, he definitely did not, you can ask him yourself, he would say ‘no.’ And he also said no to working on your chin. He said he would not do that because you do not need it."

“Yeah, we didn’t even go there about my ass,” Jenelle said. “And I already had my boobs done, which everyone knows.”

Well... okay then! Glad that's settled.

jenelle tiktok

To reiterate:

According to Jenelle Evans, she did, indeed, visit a plastic surgeon in Miami in order to get work done on her chin.

But the doctor supposedly turned her away.

Never, she insists, did she intend on getting butt implants... although she did, at one time, get a boob job, back in 2012.

Jenelle Talks to Fans

Jenelle also got lip fillers in 2016, a procedure she's admitted to many times in the past.

She's also talked openly about her disdain for her chin.

“I’ve just been really insecure about my chin for a long time,” the ex-reality star told Us Weekly five years ago. “I just thought it was really pointy, and ever since getting older, my face is growing.”

Jenelle Evans, Way Up Close

Evans, who has often been forced to clap back at body-shamers, concluded back then:

“I think I’m fine with the way I look. I work out at the gym. If I want a bigger butt, I’m going to work for it. I’m going to build it up with muscle, not implants or injections.

"If I don’t like my stomach, I’m going to go work out, stay active and healthy, because honestly, you can go get all this work done.

"But in a couple years, gravity is going to pull all that down, and it’s not going to look that great.”

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