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Just as quickly as it began, Jana Kramer and Jay Cutler are over.

It’s not clear what drew them to each other in the first place … aside from a desire to spite their respective exes.

But according to a new report, it was Jay who pulled the plug.

Why? Because his big plan wasn’t working.

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An inside source spoke to Us Weekly about Jay Cutler’s intentions.

"Kristin wasn’t jealous to begin with," the insider dished.

That, it turns out, was the problem — because getting under her skin was his whole plan.

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"The real reason [they broke up] is because he didn’t succeed at making Kristin jealous," the source explained.

Jay had a plan to make sure that their relationship got noticed, too.

"He took Jana to the most public places for their dates," the insider pointed out.

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The source said that Jay took Jana out in public "knowing they would be photographed together."

The insider continued: "and would get attention from being out in Nashville."

"But," the source admitted, "it never worked.”

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So, according to this report, Jay dated Jana because he wanted a very public new fling that his estranged wife couldn’t miss.

But Kristin Cavallari apparently didn’t take the bait, even though some reports initially claimed that she was annoyed.

When he saw that his gambit wasn’t going to pay off, Jay ditched Jana. That’s … harsh.

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This report comes on the heels of what we reported earlier this week — confirmation of their breakup.

“Jana is still single,” an insider confirmed at the time.

“She and Jay went on a few dates," the source of course confirmed.

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"But," the insider characterized, "things seemed to fizzle out between them."

The source then added: "They’re not seeing each other anymore.”

Jana herself had suggested as much in a recent social media post.

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On Tuesday, October 5, Jana cracked a joke about her relationship status.

"It’s so fun being the single third wheel these days," she joked on Instagram alongside a pair of PDA-packing friends.

Jana didn’t mention Jay or a breakup, but … she said that she was single. We can all do that math.

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Just last month, Jana and Jay were painting a very different picture of where things stood.

The pair turned heads with their apparent first date, being seen out and about in Nashville.

Even at the time, the world could not help but observe that Kristin had just become publicly linked with Chase Rice.

Kristin Cavallari and jay

It was immediately apparent — and reported more than once — that people close Jay and Kristin saw through him.

His goal, more or less everyone said, was to make Kristin jealous through this public relationship.

The timing, his choice in date … it wasn’t subtle. But Kristin reportedly told friends that it wasn’t going to work.

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It’s no secret that Jay isn’t exactly a good person — he makes that abundantly clear on social media.

So it’s a real shame that Jana got used and cast aside like this.

Some reports even claimed that this ended a potential friendship between her and Kristin.

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To hear some reports tell it, Jana and Kristin were friendly before this, making these dates a breach of girl code.

Kristin supposedly even recommended a divorce attorney for Jana during her split from cheating ex Mike Caussin.

Other reports, however, said that they’d only met a few times and didn’t consider each other friends.