Grey's Anatomy Recap: Meredith Accepts a Job in Another State!

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Meredith Grey will be spending a lot less time in Seattle.

Thursday's new episode of Grey's Anatomy kicked off with Meredith confused and questioning her decision to work on the cure for Parkinson's disease.

Asking her to relocate her life to Minnesota was a big ask, but our titular character knew there was more to this story.

Meredith in Another State

Amelia touched down in Minnesota, thanks to a private jet arranged by Meredith.

When introduced to the lab, Amelia reveals to her sister-in-law that she would sign on the dotted line without a second thought.

She would pack up her life and leave Seattle behind. Meredith, however, is thinking more about the long game.

Meredith Listens

If you watch Grey's Anatomy online, you know Meredith has kids, a hospital named after her, and a job that challenges her.

Thanks to a date between Nick and Mer, we learn that Meredith's apprehension stems from her worry that the whole thing will be a failure.

She's this highly-regarded member of the medical community, and losing is not in her blood.

Thankfully, Nick is on hand to give her some words of wisdom. He makes Meredith realize that she's always been a risk-taker and that she should not pass up such an ample opportunity.

Meredith Reunites With Nick

That was enough to make her return to Dr. Hamilton with the following offer:

Have a satellite office in Seattle and allow the findings to be public so that all could use a potential cure.

Meredith said she would travel once a week, which makes sense. It will allow her to still be around the people she loves in Seattle, while also making significant changes in medicine.

The series has been known for its high stakes, so we should probably expect some big drama on the horizon, possibly taking Meredith to Minnesota full-time.

Peter Gallagher on Grey's Anatomy

Nick remains a decent love interest for Meredith, but the thousands of miles between them might pose a big issue.

While all of this was playing out, Weber was trying to bring the hospital back to its glory days with the Surgical Olympics for the residents.

The residents are just not at the level they should be at, but Schmidt wins the power to perform a solo surgery.

That surgery involved removing an egg from a woman's stomach after ingested it instead of a strawberry at some bizarre ritual.

Winston on Grey's Anatomy Season 18

You should have witnessed the look on Jo's face when she realized what had happened to the woman.

Schmidt does struggle with the surgery, but this shows the stakes of everyone watching from the sidelines.

There's a lot of drama, but it all works out in the end, so that was a good thing for him.

As for Winston, he is making his presence felt on the show. It's nice to know the writers are giving him compelling storylines to work with.

Winston and His Patient on Grey's Anatomy

He worked on a case involving a young Black woman with kidney failure. She was not eligible for a transplant because her EGFR numbers being too high.

Winston compared the patient's case to others on the list, and the only difference was her skin color.

He went against protocol to get the young woman on the list for a transplant, and her doctor went off on him. He did the right thing, and the doctor was horrid.

Grey's Anatomy continues Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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